Came Here for Love/Ella Eyre/Current Jam

Hello and hi. My current jam. Hope you like it as much as I do. No? No worries. Not a problem.  Not EVEN an issue. We still cool. Check out this song by English singer, songwriter Ella Eyre-love her soul-filled, exuberantly, optimistic message, here. I guess you can tell I am a fan. Our Ella was born in 1 April 1994. More on Ella later. But now…here is her new song/video. Enjoy!



Happy Monday/Shout out/Little Mix



Hello and hi. Happy Monday. If you read my blog (and I hope you do) then you probably know that I got NO love for Little Mix. No. No, I do not. Nope. Negative.

So….why am I posting their video embedded in my blog? Why am I promoting these girls-who-think-they-are-grown women? A valid question. Here’s why I do it. Because I can. But seriously, I mean, there is a serious message here. Yup. I like that this song is one of empowerment and how these girls are not letting their bad experiences/relationships define them or rather, lay a foundation for their lives. These ‘women’ are all about the glass being half-full (rather than half-empty). And that is a good way to be. In my opinion.

That being said…these ‘girls’ sound pretty ok, but what’s with the outfits? And what is up with the dance moves? Sorry ladies, we have seen this before. I mean, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, Usher…I could go on but I think you get the point. Maybe do something new? Maybe something: ORIGINAL? Oh…and you ‘girls’ play any instruments? Any? Xylophone even? I doubt it. Do you write your own music? Again, I doubt it. And while you appeal to a lot of people  (mostly young girls) around the world…you do not appeal to me. But….I do like your message here. Yup.


Check it, if you happen to LIKE Little Mix…then know this…we still cool. I respect your opinion (although I do question your taste in music) so, thanks for respecting mine.  Oh and if you are reading this ‘review’ Little Mix…please, please, PLEASE…put some clothes on. Cover up, now. Y’all might catch a death of cold. Yup. That is all.





A rather interesting fact about SWEDEN…

Image result for image of Swedish flag


Hello and hi. Please know that I know-that you know…that this particular blog is all about Sweden. Yes. Yes, it is. That being said, today I will go off the beaten track and blog about Sweden. Why? Because I can. But seriously…because Sweden is in the EU, as is the UK. For now anyway. Shout out to David Davis: chief BREXIT negotiator. You got this, David. Yup.



                                                                                                         Image: Politico Europe

Back to Sweden*…

Here is a rather interesting fact about Sweden. Please tell me you can find Sweden on a map…or we simply can’t be friends. Ok…

Swedes are scared of badgers.

Wait. What? Ok. Fine. Intrigued but not even judging. Nope. You see, back home and here in the UK too-we were pretty much brought up on Wind on the Willows. So that simply means that we just simply adore badgers. We sure do. Ahem…this whole business of culling badgers as they are the leading cause of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB)…well, I am not so sure about that. But the UK government is…which is why badgers are regularly culled in the UK. Not very nice. Best not mention this to any badgers you know…it wont go well. Nope.

Image result for image of wind and the willows characters badgerAnyway, that is the UK but… in Sweden, those crazy cats seem to have a deep/pathological fear of badgers. You see, it all stems from a folk belief that badgers will bite on to your arm or leg and NOT let go, until they hear the bone crack. O my days. Is that true? Guess what…I am not willing to find out.

That being said…those lovely Swedes know how to handle their business. Their badger business that is…apparently, as reported on the BBC, the Swedes have come up with a clever way to deter those little balls of cuteness-which they seem to detest.

You see, when badgerphobic Swedes go walkabout in the forest, they stuff their socks with something similar to Ryvita-a sort of crispbread. They do this because, should they encounter any mean or menacing badgers and said badgers plan on attacking or rather are in attack mode-they will hear the crispbread break-and they will be tricked into thinking it is the sound of snapping bone. Not a word of a lie. I mean…let’s face it…Swedish people know what’s up.

This anecdote also makes me wonder if Sweden is full of badger-whisperers or badger-community activists or badger-psychologists. I mean, how does one get into the mind of a badger? Then think: Ahh…I shall deter him with crispbread? I have no idea. I am not from Sweden. I am not Swedish. I think I have met like 3 Swedish people in my entire life. Oh and please know that I know a lot of people. Ha.

So, there you have it…a rather interesting fact about Sweden, badgers and crispbread. Seriously people, I could not make this stuff up, even if I tried. And believe me, you….I do try. I can only try.

That is all/ Var så god ( you are welcome!)



*Please note, there are some massive generalisations in this post. Any Swedish readers: please don’t be annoyed. I am, after all, American…and you know what WE are like…we think we know everything. Again…another massive generalisation.


Happy 150th Birthday, Shipping Forecast!

                                                                                                                         Image: Marine Insight


Hello and hi. The Shipping Forecast is 150 years old today. Woot woot. This is one of my favourite things. It sure is. Ahem…thank you for not judging me. That being said…am terribly excited about the SF’s birthday- because roll.

I listen to the shipping forecast every morning. I am not exactly a seafarer (not yet, anyway)…I am just an American in London. In fact, I am just a girl, in the world. Cue Gwen Stefani. Ha.

The shipping forecast is 93% accurate and never longer than 380 words. Ahem.. *clears throat audibly*…Sadly, I can’t say the same about myself…obvs (obviously).

Anyway, have a read regarding what I wrote about the shipping forecast a while back, if you are interested (and I hope you are) you can read it here Hope you like it.

Please note that this blog post is written in Plain English and not Jack Speak. Nope. Oh you don’t know what ‘Jack Speak’ is? In brief, it is the slang used by/of the British Royal Navy. Guess you will have to wait tomorrow to find out more. I mean…it does seem like the right and proper thing to do.  Yes, yes it does. So…watch this space, people. That is all.



She’s Baaaccck/Your Song/Rita Ora

Hello and hi. Guess who is back? ME!

Oh yeah, and Rita Ora. Rita Ora is back too. Our Rita has a new song out. Woot woot. Love this London girl.  Love her sass. How BEAUTIFUL is she? Love her fierce, funny, fantastic demeanour. I guess you can tell I am a fan. Oh, you don’t like her? No worries, mate. She is NOT for everyone. I mean…but if you don’t like her..just know this…we still cool. Yup.

Rita Sahatciu Ora was born 26 November 1990. Baby! Anyway, our Rita was the artist with the most number-one singles on the UK Singles Chart in 2012, with THREE consecutive singles reaching the top position. Wow. Just, wow.



                                                                                                                            Image: Billboard

Anyway, back to ME. It is all about ME. So…yeah, I am back. Oh man, I got sooo many BREXIT posts up my sleeve. Yes. Yes, I do. So, watch this space. For real.

Hope you ‘lot’ (guys) are having a fun and safe Fall/Autumn. Be good. Or at least try to. 13 points for TRYING. Ha.

Hope you like Rita Ora’s video as much as I do. Isn’t she lovely? Cue Stevie Wonder.



Ed Sheeran is EVERYTHING

Hello and hi. Happy Friday, people. Or rather: Happy Fri-yay! Well done, you. You made it…so did I. Allegedly. Ha. As per usual, my week was ‘cray-cray’ (crazy)…but apart from that- it was mostly good. Yes. Yes, it was.

I promise you…I do have 2 Brexit posts nearly ready to go/ post (oh-please know that I go at my own pace…yeah a snail’s pace) but will soon post them. Defo (definitely).

But now…please check out this video/ song by our Ed Sheeran. So good. In fact Ed Sheeran is EVERYTHING. I heart this guy loads. Hope you like it as much as I do.


My(retro)current ‘jam’/Indigo Girls


Image result for image of the Indigo Girls

Image: AllMusic

Hello and hi. I have plenty to say about Brexit. I sure do. But first…my (retro) current ‘jam’ is quite simply the best. True, the Indigo Girls are pretty ‘old school’ I mean, this song came out practically ages ago. So now that you know that I like the Indigo Girls, well then…you can probably figure out how old I am. Yikes. No worries.. just do me a favour….TELL NO ONE. If you do…I will deny everything-my age, knowing you and a whole lot more. I sure will. Yup.

I hope you like this song as much as I do. Truth.

NB Galileo by the Indigo Girls is quite excellent too. Check it out. Please and thanks.


BREXIT (and the German economy)

Image result for image of brexit meme and angela merkel

Hello and hi. Yup, yet another Brexit post by me. Woot woot. If you think that Brexit is not an important issue then…sorry (not sorry) we can’t be friends. True, it may not be your cup of tea. Also, you may think that since you don’t live in the UK or Europe that it has no impact on you whatsoever. Please tell me you don’t think that, because it is simply not true. Excuse me as I step down from Brexit soapbox long enough to write a anyway, here is what you need to know about Brexit and the German economy. Ok, let’s do this…

In speaking to HuffPost UK, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (let’s call them DIHK for obvious reasons, including brevity) gave a rather stern caution, that even IF the UK strikes a moderately free trade deal with the EU, the impact of trade barriers would only be “reduced” and not completely neutralised. In other words: yellow and blue make green. I kid. It means exactly what it means.  It simply is a warning that this Brexit is not so Brexit-licious after all. The UK post-Brexit, will face uncertainty regarding trade with Germany. Yikes.

The DIHK painted a pretty pessimistic picture (oh how I love alliteration) regarding future trade with the UK. That being said, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UK was a tad more optimistic. You see, they predicted that the Italy’s exports to Britain would not be too drastically affected, post Brexit. Kind of hard to know that, but I certainly do appreciate their optimism. Yes. Yes, I do.

But it is important to remember that trade with Germany is worth BILLIONS more than that with Italy. In brief, the stark warnings from DIHK will only place undue pressure on the UK government, to secure a pretty strong Brexit deal with the EU ASAP. Yup. Good luck with that David Davies et al.

As reported in HuffPost UK, DIHK spokesperson, Thomas Renner indicated that “Brexit will damage the Germany as a whole, despite some single locations or companies who might benefit from the shifting jobs and investment from the UK or of a weaker British Pound.” Renner also added, “Even if Brexit will hit the British economy more, in the end it is a lose-lose situation” My goodness, Renner is not exactly Mr. Optimism now, is he? No. Nope. Nien. Renner also added in a negative Nancy sort of way that:

“Investment decisions will be affected too: a DIHK survey shows that 40% of German companies expect less trading with UK after Brexit and almost 10% plan relocations of investments from UK.”

Well, what can I say…the people voted to leave the EU in the Referendum. We are leaving the EU (eventually). Maybe you think it was the right decision. Maybe you don’t. But guess, what? Brexit is happening and the outlook is not looking that great. Nope. That being said…I should have said earlier that Germany is the UK’s biggest import partner-with approx. £6billion of goods coming into Britain (this number was accurate in November 2016…I do realise that we are nearly into August 2017-but the numbers are both accurate and massive in equal nature. Yes. Yes, they are. That is all.


Happy Wednesday/Best Fake Smile

Image result for image of dr seuss Wednesday

Hello and hi. Happy Wednesday. This song is EVERYTHING. Yup. That being said, I rarely use my: best fake smile. My smile is gen-u-ine . It sure is.  Love this song and this sweet boy-man-child. Have previously written/blogged on our James Bay. Yes. yes, I have.  Hope you like the song/video as much as I do.



UK, Norway & BREXIT (“Bye, Felicia”)



Hello and hi. UK, Norway & BREXIT. “Bye Felicia.” Before I commence on my usual tirade against BREXIT (sorry chaps, I am a proud REMAIN-ER-never mind I did not vote…I am not a UK citizen…but I got opinions. I sure do. You betcha.) allow me to first explain what “Bye Felicia” actually means. I mean, if you don’t know it…please know that that is perfectly OK. It is nearly impossible for you to know everything. That being said. Here goes…

“Bye, Felicia” is from the 1995 movie “Friday” written by and starring our very own Ice Cube. You have not seen it? Really? Es verdad? Kindly make some time to see this classic movie. Please and thanks. Anyway, in the movie, Felicia is an annoying, neighbour (played by actress, Angela Means) who has some drug dependency issues and almost routinely bothers brothers Craig and Smokey (played by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker) and when I say ‘bothers’-please know that she is pretty bothersome, in fact she incessantly asks Craig and Smokey for: drugs, asks to borrow their car et al.

How Annoying. I mean my neighbours will routinely ask me for sugar and I normally respond with a raised eyebrow, a forced smile and through clenched lips with: ‘oh dear, is the shop closed, then?’ Some might say I am mean-but guess what…I could be a lot worse things. Truth.

Anyway-Craig and Smokey would reply to Felicia’s bothersome requests with: “Bye Felicia”-in almost a dismissive sort of way. It was their way of saying: Bye, get lost, scram, I really can’t entertain you now…I think you get the point. Please tell me you do.  Anyway, now you know what “Bye Felicia” means. You are welcome.

Allow me to get to the crux of this post. Finally-right? Anyway…

So, this Brexit thing. It has me (and hopefully you, as well) going through changes. Yes. Yes, it does. I mean, what-ever. A former Europe minister has recently indicated that a model in which the UK could remain in the single market, post-Brexit, would be “very difficult for people to accept.” According to the BBC, Caerphilly MP Wayne David said the Norway model-favoured by First Minister Carwyn Jones-would in fact, lead to a “massive loss of sovereignty.”

Yikes. Jones later added that the Labour party needed to have a debate on its Brexit position. Erm…excuse me, perhaps before the Labour party discusses that-how about discussing a leadership change? I can’t even with Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Nope. I mean…were I ever to see our Jeremy, I would be all: “cash me outside, howbowdat?” Like I said, I can’t even with Jeremy Corbyn. I am a peaceful warrior. I sure am. But I digress. Anyway, a spokesman for Mr Jones’ indicated/said single market access was key to protecting jobs. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Norway 101

Norway is NOT in the EU but it still has access to the single market. In addition, Norway has to make a financial contribution and also, must accept the majority of EU laws-but here’s the thing…Norway does not have a say on how said laws are created. Right. Ok. Glass half full? Glass half empty? I guess Norway sees it as glass half full. In fact, if any Norwegians are reading this-do weigh in. Please and thanks.

Image result for image of norway on a map of EU

First Minister Carwyn Jones had a quick, albeit, informative trip to Norway back in January. A sort of crash course-to learn about its EU links. Jones concluded, post Norway, that the Norway example clearly demonstrated that the UK did not have to give up access to the single market when it leaves the EU. Speaking on Monday, he said, “We would not control the rules but we would have full and unfettered access.”

Mr David indicated that while the first minister was correct to focus on the importance of the single market (as many Welsh jobs depend on it) the Norway model was a step too far. David added “The big problem with simply adopting the Norwegian model is that we accept the laws which are made in the European Union, which we will be outside, without having any say on those laws that affect the single market.” Yes. Preach. Right on…I think you get the point.  David also added/proposed that the UK could possibly look at how elements of the Norway Model could work in part-instead of embracing it “hook, line and sinker.” Finally, someone is speaking sense. Meanwhile our illustrious (or not) PM is on holiday. Goodness, gracious me. What on earth? Honestly. What can I say about? Erm…”Bye Felicia.” That is all.