Play That Song/Train/My Current Jam


Hello and hi. My current jam is: Play That Song by Train. Yes, Train. Oh gosh-I love Train. Maybe you don’t like Train-which is perfectly fine. We still cool. I have loved Train from the very beginning. They released their 10th studio album about 7 months ago. I mean, these guys have ‘staying power’-do they not? I think they most certainly do. Yup..

I could wax plenty re Train, but I got a million things to do today- in addition, I have some outstanding BREXIT blogs to write/edit/post. Hello BREXIT Repeal Bill…nice to meet you! So… watch this space! Do it. Make sure you do. Please. I think you get the point…

Oh, I hope you like the song. It should sound familiar to you…at least I hope so. And now for the video…



And now for that familiar song…that I mentioned earlier. Please tell me you know this song or we can’t be friends. Sorry (not sorry).





The BEST thing about Little Mix is…

Hello and hi. Am not sure if I am really tired today, old, cranky or had an extra dose of sarcasm in my porridge, this morning. Hmm…I suspect all of the above.

The best thing about Little Mix is: NOTHING. Actually, the best thing about this video is Stormzy. Yup. I don’t actually listen or follow Little Mix as I am not 13 years old. Truth. But they are playing it on the radio here 24/7. Gulp. I mean, maybe Little Mix is your jam-it is certainly not mine. If indeed Little Mix is your jam…sorry (not sorry) we can’t be friends. Simples.

To me, being a non 13 year old girl…Little Mix is nothing more than the Spice Girls recycled. The Spice Girls recycled… with less clothes and even more makeup slathered over their cherubic faces (think of your pores, girls!). Am I right? I think I am.

I mean, if I had a teenage daughter and she even expressed remotely that she liked Little Mix…I would bite the inside of my cheeks, swallow, make a small, albeit, determined fist , blink with deliberate slowness and say something like: “oh really, darling? You like Little Mix? How nice. Now, be a dear and go pack up your trunk for boarding school. Oh…I never mentioned that you would be commencing boarding school the MINUTE you mentioned Little Mix? Oh dear. I do apologise, love. Now…get going, mustn’t be late.”

Perhaps you are thinking I a mean person. Good. I could be a lot worse things. Yes. Yes, indeed. But…sorry am not going to let any daughter of mine dress like a two-bit, biker hooker, wearing fishnet stockings and multiple piercings with zero clothes on (you might catch cold, dear). Nope. Not gonna happen. That being said…there is a serious message in the video. These girls have the power. Apparently. I invite you to listen…just make sure you close your eyes when you do. You will thank me later. Enjoy listening…with your eyes closed. Rant officially over. That is all.



When peacocks attack…(in Jersey)

Image result for image of a peacock attacking a car
                                                                                                                   Image: The Daily Mail
Hello and hi. Know much about peacocks? Don’t worry-it is impossible to know everything. I mean…come on, now…don’t be so hard on yourself.
So…this happened…
As reported in The Times, a Steve Wallace of Jersey* (not his real name-poor guy has had to go underground). Why? Allow me to both inform and brighten your day, while you howl with laughter.
A peacock (of no fixed abode) has caused thousands of pounds’ worth of damage after repeatedly and violently causing damage to Steve Wallace’s NEW Range Rover. It is believed by some (ornithologists/bird experts) that said peacock mistook its reflection in the window of said Range Rover and mistook it for a love rival-thus, prompting it to attack.
Steve Wallace, of Jersey, has indicated that he was forced to have the car re-sprayed to cover the scratches and mend the broken windows. Allegedly. (Come on Steve, I know for a fact that no windows were broken. I was not born yesterday. No. No, I was not. Stop playing. The facts please. Do try to remember that facts are crucial, here. Please and thanks).
Steve Wallace also stated that if the peacock continues to attack his Range Rover, that  he may have to shoot the peacock. Wait. What?! Steve! No…just, no. Oh dear Lakshmi, no. Steve-don’t go there. For the love of all that is good and holy…don’t shoot that love sick peacock. Please.
Like I said…when peacocks attack.
That is all.
*Jersey for my American friends…is a Crown Dependency of the UK. Located near the coast of Normandy, France.  Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy-whose dukes went on to become kings of England from 1066. After Normandy was lost by the Kings of England in the 13th century-and the ducal title surrendered to France-Jersey (and the other Channel Islands remained attached to the English crown.
You are welcome, mate.
NB you can learn more about Jersey here


Yes..I  know this is NOT a Range Rover. Please use your imagination. Thanks.


Happy Monday/One Direction/The 1975

Image result for image of One Direction band

Hello and hi. Happy Monday! Am not a big fan of One Direction. Nope. Why? I will tell you, since you asked…it is because I am not a prepubescent girl. No. No, I am not.  That being said, here is The 1975 covering One Direction’s: What Makes You Beautiful. I mean…it is really good and even BETTER than the original. Yes. Yes, it is. I hope you like it as much as I do.



Blurred Lines (in the Live Lounge/BBC)

Hello and hi. Erm…I could say a lot about ‘blurred lines’ but… this is a family-friendly blog. It sure is. (Plus, my Dad reads this blog-so-I am not exactly going to talk about blurred lines and have him think his favourite daughter* is an unprincipled whack-job). That being said…Check out Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines-straight from the Live Lounge/BBC). Oh gosh…it is good. Truth be told, he is a bit Luther Vandross-y here, but…it seems to work. Yes. Yes, it does. Apart from the fact that he objectifies women in his lyrics…it’s a pretty good song. Yup.

Have provided the aforementioned magical version below…as well as the enhanced, studio version. I hope you like it/them as much as I do. Yes. Yes, I do.




*Please know…I am my dad’s only daughter. Oh and I have a brother….I sure do….and that ‘cat’ is even funnier than me. Truth.

What do British people DO on the 4th of July?

Life in London

Happy 4th of July Y’all! After Turkey Day/Thanksgiving, this is my 2nd favourite holiday. And what exactly do British people do on the 4th of July? Well, allow me to school you. You are welcome mate.

Well, the Brits that I know are awfully sad on the 4th of July for a variety of reasons.   They are pretty downcast about this day and dread it every year. So many memories, dreams, lost aspirations of that day and of course its historical significance-its almost too much to bear.  Enter a cup of PG Tips. With that being said, on this day, British people (some) sit around and cry into their tea over their lost colony. Kid not.  Then their sadness turns to anger when they recall how we dumped their precious tea in that harbour.  ‘Quite wasteful those Yanks can be’,  they say, then sigh audibly. British people (not all) are in utter disbelief as to why we…

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Best of luck, Andy Murray! (you got THIS)



Hello and hi. So, today is a pretty big day here in the UK. It sure is. Today is the start of Wimbledon. Applause. *quickly decides to take up tennis and goes to shop to buy the most cost-effective tennis racket* Everyone is terribly excited here on this not so small, island and of course, we are wishing our Andy Murray the best of luck! Even Peppa Pig* is wishing Andy Murray luck. How great. I have provided Peppa’s message to our Andy for you here 

Our Andy Murray will open Centre Court play TODAY as he attempts to win his 3rd Wimbledon title. Woot Woot. Can I get an ‘Amen?!’ ‘Holla’ ‘Wassup Player?!’…I think you get the point. Murray will face Alexander Bublik in the first round at 1300 BST. Our Andy has recently had a minor hip injury-but he seems fighting fit and ready to rumble. Yes. Yes, yes he does. Best of luck, Andy Murray!


Image result for image of Peppa Pig

                                                                                                                         The Daily Star

Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE (Order of The British Empire) (We just call him: ‘our Andy’) is a British professional tennis player from Scotland and is currently ranked world No. 1 in men’s singles.  Murray is a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion, Davis Cup champion and the winner of the 2016 ATP World Tour Finals. In his spare time, he likes to indulge in underwater basket weaving. Ok, I totally made that up. Murray is a pretty fantastic tennis player-that is his game and that is what he does. Yup.

Image result for image of underwater basket weaving


Good Luck, Andy Murray. You got this! Yes. Yes, you do.



  • Peppa Pig is a British pre-school, animated TV series. I personally have never ‘seen’ Peppa but then again…I am not 5 years old. Nope. That is all.




Team Danny Mac & Oti

Hello and hi. This is an old post-but still pretty fantastic in my opinion. *she says in measured modesty* Oh and this video is EVERYTHING. Yes. Yes, it is. Enjoy this OLD post and please know that it is perfectly ok if you start dancing along while watching…see…we are not so different after all. Haaa. Enjoy!

Life in London

Image result for image of strictly come dancing logo

Hello and hi. Most Brits and a certain American blogger will find themselves glued to the telly on Saturday and Sunday nights, as we watch, discuss, vote and speak in excited tones as we watch Strictly Come Dancing. I do believe there is an American version for an American audience, but the name of the show is slightly different but the concept and format is the same.  Strictly Come Dancing (informally knows as ‘Strictly‘) is a British TV reality show which features contestants and celebs and others…like MP’s, WAGS, actors, et al.

Essentially, Strictly is a dance competition as mentioned, where you have professional dance partners paired up with their celeb partners as they learn, dance and perform ballroom and Latin dances to perfect perfection. Each couple is scored out of 10 by the panel of 4 judges-all of whom  have significant dance experience. And that is the…

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Birdy/Wild Horses

Hello and hi. Happy Friday…or as they say in London Town (and Malta)…Happy Fri-yay!

Hope you like this song-Wild Horses as much as I do. The Genre is: Indie rock/Indie folk. What the heck? If someone even knows remotely what that even means…please let a sister-blogger know. Please.

Promise to blog on our Birdy later. But now…the video. Enjoy.



How To Smile 101 (UK)

Image result for image of a person smiling British gentleman

Hello and hi. Smile much? I hope you do…or else we can’t be friends. Sorry, not sorry. So, this happened…

First let me preface this smiling in the UK post, with a few thoughts on smiling…

I pretty much smile on the daily. I mean, come on…the alternative is not so great. And besides, who wants to be around someone who is a bit ‘down in the mouth?’ No one. No one wants to be around someone who is ‘down in the mouth. No. No, they do not. So, yeah-I smile plenty and I don’t exactly have Farrah Fawcett teeth-I mean, my teeth are ok but they are not Farrah Fawcett teeth. No. No, they are not.

Image result for image of farrah fawcett smiling red bathing suit

                                                                                                                           Image: Vanity Fair

It was recently reported in The Times that TOO big a smile can actually be a social handicap-according to recent research. Wait…what? Ok. Weird, but ok.  Of course this nugget of information regarding this so called smiling research, was recently confirmed by Plos One (a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal, published by the Public Library of Science/PLOS since 2006.) In addition, Plos One ascertained (via their research, am guessing) that the most effective smile-is one that is not too wide and one that avoids excessive exposure of teeth. Right. Ok. So much to remember…right? I think I am. I mean, just smile people, don’t think about it too much. For real.

Image result for image of a symmetrical smile

Jessica Simpson Smile


In addition, Plos One published their findings online and tested the reactions of 802 volunteers to computer generated 3D faces (wait, they couldn’t find actual real live, breathing humans? Sheesh) and the smiles which received a more positive response were smiles which were developed symmetrically…a bit like Farrah Fawcett’s. So, that’s it-that is what the research said. How utterly fascinating. Not. I mean…smile. Just do it. That is all.