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Life in London

Hello and hi. It is entirely too hot here. Hope you guys are keeping cool. The heat we have been experiencing here in the UK is no joke.  It has been hot here-so hot, that I wondered if I was in the 7th circle of hell or if I was just near the earth’s core. Temps have soared to 34C, which is the equivalent to 93.2F. We here in the UK had heard about the imminet hot weather’s arrival, by way of the Sahara, but we were simply not prepared. I mean, who is EVER prepared to be roasted, fried and baked all at the same time? I am not an egg nor am I a potato.

Check it, it is hot and I don’t like to complain…much. But it is really, bloody HOT. But you know what? I am grateful. I am grateful because one day, in the not…

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“The Special One”

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Life in London

Hey and hi. Here I go again with my limited knowledge of ‘the beautiful game’. So as you may or may not know, Jose Mourinho is about to be named manager for Manchester United. There have been a few glitches though. Yikes. I hate glitches. You see, apparently,  image rights negotiations are delaying Mourinho’s appointment as Manchester United Manager. As it has emerged that Chelsea still own his name as a trademark and could demand a six-figure sum from United before any deal is concluded. But really, this issue will not scupper his appointment at Old Trafford. Thank goodness. Mourinho is expected to be named as Louis Van Gaal’s replacement after the Dutchman was sacked on Monday DESPITE winning the FA Cup. Football is crazy. I don’t even watch it and I know very little about it. But you wouldn’t know it. Hah.

Oh, I nearly forgot why I even…

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The wacky and wonderful William Hanson

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Life in London

Image result for image  pictures of william hansonImage: The Daily Mail

Hello and hi. I have previously written about William Hanson, the UK’s leading etiquette guru-master-johnny come lately. In fact, he even got wind of my post, read it and actually wrote to me. Oh man, I was back-peddling big time, as I was less than nice about his so-called qualifications. But he was gracious and kind in equal measure. Respect. Cheers, mate.

That being said, our William has recently been in the news with some comments about why Prince George is always in shorts. Hmm. Why is the earth round? Because it is. Facepalm. I can’t EVEN, with that chap. No. No, I can’t. First, some background.

William Hanson (brief bio)

Hanson is an etiquette consultant, social commentator and broadcaster from Bristol. Not London or Buckingham Palace…but rather, Bristol. Bristol is nice, don’t get me wrong…but it is not exactly the etiquette capital of the UK…

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The Shard

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Life in London

Hello and Hi. At 1, 016 feet and with 95 floors-The Shard is the tallest building in London Town-the tallest in the EU-the 4th tallest in Europe. I think you get the point…it is pretty tall. Yes. Yes it is. A fairly new addition to the London skyline and is meant to resemble a shard of glass, hence the name. It majestically looms over the city and glints in the noonday sun. When the sun is shining that is.

The construction of The Shard commenced in 2009 and was completed in 2012 and is currently the 87th tallest building in the world. The glass-like pyramid tower, has 72 inhabitable floors along with a viewing gallery and open-air observation deck on the 72nd floor. It was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and replaced Southwark Towers, a 24 storey office block built on the site in 1975. The Shard was…

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Who is St. Cuthbert?

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Life in London

Who is St. Cuthbert? St. Cuthbert (c. 634 – 20 March 687) was a saint of the early Northumbrian church in the Celtic tradition.  He was a monk, bishop and hermit. But not in that order. Or maybe.  After his death (and this is when he got mega famous) he became one of the MOST notable medieval saints of Northern England as he is regarded as the patron saint of Northern England. His feast day is 20 March. Cuthbert grew up near Melrose Abbey (which twins with Melrose Place). It is located in Lindisfame, present day Scotland. Cuthbert decided to become a monk after seeing a vision on the night in 651 that St. Aidan, the founder of Lindisfarne, died. I have visions ALL the time but it doesn’t want make me want to go and join a monastery. But that’s just me.

As St. Cuthbert was a pious man, there was…

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Who is the The Dowager Marchioness of Reading?

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Life in London

Hello and hi…allow me to rephrase that…: ‘Who *was* The Dowager Marchioness of Reading?’ as she recently died on 19 April 2015 at the age of 96 years old.

Allow me to ‘school’ you.  The Dowager Marchioness of Reading was a society beauty of the 1930’s and 1940’s here in England.  She was independent and lovely in equal measure.  In fact, she was one of the first British women to get a pilot’s license and she even competed on the pre-war stock car racing circuit and a became a rally driver in the 1950’s. Yes. Girl. Go.

In later life, our girl, was an animal rights campaigner and became an outspoken English nationalist. In fact, her views so extreme, she once remarked that she was ‘diametrically opposed to most sane people.’  In a later interview she said, “I love England so much and I just feel that the so-called hooligans…

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BREXIT (and the German economy)

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Life in London

Image result for image of brexit meme and angela merkel

Hello and hi. Yup, yet another Brexit post by me. Woot woot. If you think that Brexit is not an important issue then…sorry (not sorry) we can’t be friends. True, it may not be your cup of tea. Also, you may think that since you don’t live in the UK or Europe that it has no impact on you whatsoever. Please tell me you don’t think that, because it is simply not true. Excuse me as I step down from Brexit soapbox long enough to write a anyway, here is what you need to know about Brexit and the German economy. Ok, let’s do this…

In speaking to HuffPost UK, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (let’s call them DIHK for obvious reasons, including brevity) gave a rather stern caution, that even IF the UK strikes a moderately free trade deal with the EU, the impact of…

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Life in London

Hello and hi. I recently heard that some people, while familiar with the term ‘BREXIT’ had no idea what the EU even *was* . OMG. What the what? Whaaatt? Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? Please tell me what I heard was a joke.  I would even take it as an April Fools’ Day joke…never mind that we are heading into July. Come. On. Well, please just read my blog and educate yourself. For real. The EU is…(please go to the interweb and find out).


The sting of BREXIT has had some rather serious ramifications. Deadly serious. Of course it has…how could it not? So, with the decision to leave the EU (the European Union) other member States now want to do the same. Yup. …As for Scotland…good grief. I will get to you Scotland in a different post, but today is all about BREXIT, FREXIT, NEXIT…

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The European Migrant Crisis

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Life in London

Greetings. So the European migrant crisis is raging on. Yesterday, a boat in the Mediterranean capsized. I will NOT include an image of the capsized boat, with its frightened people, clinging to it (because it is a pretty horrible image)-I think we can all picture a boat capsizing.

Instead, above- is an image of the Naval Ensign of Italy. Thankfully, 562 people were rescued, although 5, sadly drowned. A massive THANK YOU to the Italian Navy who helped rescue the 562 people. Cheers/Thanks.

The trawler overturned as a result of people on board, rushing to one side after spotting a rescue ship. How awful. This meant that people clung desperately to the deck or dropped into the sea. *heavy, audible sigh* My heart breaks into a thousand little pieces when I read things like that- or see it on the BBC.

In an attempt to provide assistance-Italy’s Bettica patrol boat threw…

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Music in the UK

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Life in London

For such a small island, the UK’s music and musicality is pretty diverse.  And I am not just talking bagpipes.  Sorry Scotland.  Here in the UK, we manufacture boy bands by the minute. Of course the ultimate boy band, I have pictured above.  The Beatles.  Boy bands here in the UK include: Take That, Blue, Westlife, Boyzone, The Wanted…I think you get the picture (that’s not a boy band)  We also have Wham!, The Spice Girls, Coldplay and the list goes on.  Its funny, every British artist hopes to make it in the US, they want nothing more than to be crossover artists.  Compared to the artists in the US who JUST want to make it.
Lately, the trend has looked to sourcing UK talent from the X factor. I am not sure if this is a good idea.  But it seems to work for TV purposes.  My favourite artists at the moment are…

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