Bio: This blog is about my life in London as an American. The struggle is real. Yes, yes it is. I have been in London for more than a New York minute. I attended University here and now this is where I hang my hat (and brollie). That being said, I am as American as apple pie, but I am also a Royalist. Truth be told, Prince Harry and the Queen are my favourite Royals. I am currently warming towards Camilla. These things take time.

‘Life in London, American Style’ surveys this not so small island-known commonly as ‘Great Britain’, as I explore its history, traditions, foods, places to visit and other elements of this deliciously delightful place with its cobblestone streets which run alongside pavements (sidewalks). This blog is a tidy mix of my perceptions, questions, concerns and a lot more. In brief, it is a mixture of information and hilarity.  I wish someone had told me all this stuff I am telling you now, before I moved here.  You can thank me later.

Oh and one last thing, THANKS for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog. For real.


© 2016 Samantha Bacon. All rights reserved.



  1. John Evans · April 25, 2016

    Ah trifle! My late father always reckoned that a trifle wasn’t a proper trifle unless it had bananas in it, but I like the straight sponge, jelly, soft fruit, custard and cream affair – with sprinkles (aka Uk “hundreds and thousands”) on the top.

    • samdfb1 · April 25, 2016

      Trifle is the very best! I’ve made it with bananas and rather enjoyed it!

  2. Diya · June 20, 2016

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leading me here. I can already tell I will enjoy this expat’s view of London 🙂

    • samdfb1 · June 20, 2016

      Ahh welcome! Your blog looks interesting. Promise to read more posts but…am gonna need some tea first…
      Hope you like my blog. I actually laugh outloud as I’m writing it-hope you do too!;)

      • Diya · June 20, 2016

        Hehe… it’s definitely a fun read. Just browsed through some of the recent ones but will have to come back for a closer look 🙂

        And tea? Lol… you are a convert then I see 😉

      • samdfb1 · June 20, 2016

        Ahh thanks! Tea for me. When in Rome…but when I need to burn the midnight, its coffee for sure. I mean, duh…;) 😉

  3. 2loud2oldmusic · July 4, 2016

    I find your blog fascinating. I have always wanted to visit the UK, so it will be nice seeing an American’s point of view on that great country.

    • samdfb1 · July 4, 2016

      Ahh thanks! You should definitely visit…especially now that the pound is at a record low. Thanks. Oh..as an American living in the UK…I’ve got plenty to say. Have a few posts on florence and the machine, james bay and other UK artists as well. Thanks for reading!

      • 2loud2oldmusic · July 4, 2016

        Yes. Thanks to Brexit, it is so much cheaper to visit.

      • samdfb1 · July 4, 2016

        Yup. Defo.

  4. Meg Sorick · August 1, 2016

    I would love to live in London. Lucky girl! Now go get Phil!

    • samdfb1 · August 1, 2016

      It is pretty fab in London…apart from the rain. I so hope Phil reads this thread.. Phil-I am nominating you 11 times. Eveyone wins! 😉

  5. Tony · September 18, 2016

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on keeping blood pressure in the safety zone. I spent a year in London on a posting by Reuters when I worked for them. I can understand how you love it. I was there in 1977, before the internet. I had no TV or phone and yet, I was never bored for a second the entire time. Carry on!

    • samdfb1 · September 18, 2016

      Ahh welcome! High blood pressure is the bane of my existence…*she says as she eyes the salt shaker*…what do you mean by before the intetnet? Total Greek. Kidding. Yup-London is pretty fab. Reuters? Wow. Am well impressed. And by ‘well’ that is London slang for ‘very.’ Laters, mate. 😉

  6. Joyce Belfort · September 24, 2016

    Love the sense of humour all over your blog, Samantha 😀 Lots of interesting topics 😉

    • samdfb1 · September 24, 2016

      Ahh thanks Joyce. Nice of you to say that. Lets see some pics of Paris on your blog. Pictures of Paris never get old! 😉

      • Joyce Belfort · September 24, 2016

        😄 I’ll do that~~

      • samdfb1 · September 24, 2016

        Ahh great. Mercì. 😉

  7. SafeRugbyTickets · June 21

    We find your blog interesting and the posts, especially the rugby ones offer a different perspective.

    • samdfb1 · June 21

      oh my gosh! Massive thanks! I really appreciate the compliment/feedback. Back home in the US, Rugby is not played so widely (unless you went to Prep school/public school or a private boarding school). That being said, upon moving to the UK-I commenced learning slowly re about rugby-rules, teams et al. Now, I am a massive fan. Never seen a game live though…there is still time. Haha. Thanks again for the compliment and the read. Cheers.

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