Happy Monday/Shout out/Little Mix



Hello and hi. Happy Monday. If you read my blog (and I hope you do) then you probably know that I got NO love for Little Mix. No. No, I do not. Nope. Negative.

So….why am I posting their video embedded in my blog? Why am I promoting these girls-who-think-they-are-grown women? A valid question. Here’s why I do it. Because I can. But seriously, I mean, there is a serious message here. Yup. I like that this song is one of empowerment and how these girls are not letting their bad experiences/relationships define them or rather, lay a foundation for their lives. These ‘women’ are all about the glass being half-full (rather than half-empty). And that is a good way to be. In my opinion.

That being said…these ‘girls’ sound pretty ok, but what’s with the outfits? And what is up with the dance moves? Sorry ladies, we have seen this before. I mean, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, Usher…I could go on but I think you get the point. Maybe do something new? Maybe something: ORIGINAL? Oh…and you ‘girls’ play any instruments? Any? Xylophone even? I doubt it. Do you write your own music? Again, I doubt it. And while you appeal to a lot of people  (mostly young girls) around the world…you do not appeal to me. But….I do like your message here. Yup.


Check it, if you happen to LIKE Little Mix…then know this…we still cool. I respect your opinion (although I do question your taste in music) so, thanks for respecting mine.  Oh and if you are reading this ‘review’ Little Mix…please, please, PLEASE…put some clothes on. Cover up, now. Y’all might catch a death of cold. Yup. That is all.







  1. quiall · August 29

    I am all for empowering girls and women but not to the point of denigrating men! If the roles were reversed this video would have been vilified!

    • samdfb1 · August 29

      yes. yes. yes. I totally agree. Yup. Thanks for the read/comment. 😉

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