A rather interesting fact about SWEDEN…

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Hello and hi. Please know that I know-that you know…that this particular blog is all about Sweden. Yes. Yes, it is. That being said, today I will go off the beaten track and blog about Sweden. Why? Because I can. But seriously…because Sweden is in the EU, as is the UK. For now anyway. Shout out to David Davis: chief BREXIT negotiator. You got this, David. Yup.



                                                                                                         Image: Politico Europe

Back to Sweden*…

Here is a rather interesting fact about Sweden. Please tell me you can find Sweden on a map…or we simply can’t be friends. Ok…

Swedes are scared of badgers.

Wait. What? Ok. Fine. Intrigued but not even judging. Nope. You see, back home and here in the UK too-we were pretty much brought up on Wind on the Willows. So that simply means that we just simply adore badgers. We sure do. Ahem…this whole business of culling badgers as they are the leading cause of Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB)…well, I am not so sure about that. But the UK government is…which is why badgers are regularly culled in the UK. Not very nice. Best not mention this to any badgers you know…it wont go well. Nope.

Image result for image of wind and the willows characters badgerAnyway, that is the UK but… in Sweden, those crazy cats seem to have a deep/pathological fear of badgers. You see, it all stems from a folk belief that badgers will bite on to your arm or leg and NOT let go, until they hear the bone crack. O my days. Is that true? Guess what…I am not willing to find out.

That being said…those lovely Swedes know how to handle their business. Their badger business that is…apparently, as reported on the BBC, the Swedes have come up with a clever way to deter those little balls of cuteness-which they seem to detest.

You see, when badgerphobic Swedes go walkabout in the forest, they stuff their socks with something similar to Ryvita-a sort of crispbread. They do this because, should they encounter any mean or menacing badgers and said badgers plan on attacking or rather are in attack mode-they will hear the crispbread break-and they will be tricked into thinking it is the sound of snapping bone. Not a word of a lie. I mean…let’s face it…Swedish people know what’s up.

This anecdote also makes me wonder if Sweden is full of badger-whisperers or badger-community activists or badger-psychologists. I mean, how does one get into the mind of a badger? Then think: Ahh…I shall deter him with crispbread? I have no idea. I am not from Sweden. I am not Swedish. I think I have met like 3 Swedish people in my entire life. Oh and please know that I know a lot of people. Ha.

So, there you have it…a rather interesting fact about Sweden, badgers and crispbread. Seriously people, I could not make this stuff up, even if I tried. And believe me, you….I do try. I can only try.

That is all/ Var så god ( you are welcome!)



*Please note, there are some massive generalisations in this post. Any Swedish readers: please don’t be annoyed. I am, after all, American…and you know what WE are like…we think we know everything. Again…another massive generalisation.




  1. waternymph88 · August 28

    This is hilarious! Thank you so much for this post darling 😘

    • samdfb1 · August 28

      Ahh thanks! Glad you liked it. BTW…have seen the pics you posted … Gurl…you are looking good. #GirlsWhoLift 😉

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