Ed Sheeran is EVERYTHING

Hello and hi. Happy Friday, people. Or rather: Happy Fri-yay! Well done, you. You made it…so did I. Allegedly. Ha. As per usual, my week was ‘cray-cray’ (crazy)…but apart from that- it was mostly good. Yes. Yes, it was.

I promise you…I do have 2 Brexit posts nearly ready to go/ post (oh-please know that I go at my own pace…yeah a snail’s pace) but will soon post them. Defo (definitely).

But now…please check out this video/ song by our Ed Sheeran. So good. In fact Ed Sheeran is EVERYTHING. I heart this guy loads. Hope you like it as much as I do.




  1. Fred · August 4

    He’s great!

    • samdfb1 · August 4

      He is! Glad you like him. I heart him. Thanks for the read. Apologies for my comments on the other blog- am not usually that mean…was just particularly fiesty that day. Yikes.

      • Fred · August 6

        I have my feisty days too.

      • samdfb1 · August 6

        Ahh…cool. good to know. Massive relief. Happy Sunday. 😎

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