UK, Norway & BREXIT (“Bye, Felicia”)



Hello and hi. UK, Norway & BREXIT. “Bye Felicia.” Before I commence on my usual tirade against BREXIT (sorry chaps, I am a proud REMAIN-ER-never mind I did not vote…I am not a UK citizen…but I got opinions. I sure do. You betcha.) allow me to first explain what “Bye Felicia” actually means. I mean, if you don’t know it…please know that that is perfectly OK. It is nearly impossible for you to know everything. That being said. Here goes…

“Bye, Felicia” is from the 1995 movie “Friday” written by and starring our very own Ice Cube. You have not seen it? Really? Es verdad? Kindly make some time to see this classic movie. Please and thanks. Anyway, in the movie, Felicia is an annoying, neighbour (played by actress, Angela Means) who has some drug dependency issues and almost routinely bothers brothers Craig and Smokey (played by Ice Cube and Chris Tucker) and when I say ‘bothers’-please know that she is pretty bothersome, in fact she incessantly asks Craig and Smokey for: drugs, asks to borrow their car et al.

How Annoying. I mean my neighbours will routinely ask me for sugar and I normally respond with a raised eyebrow, a forced smile and through clenched lips with: ‘oh dear, is the shop closed, then?’ Some might say I am mean-but guess what…I could be a lot worse things. Truth.

Anyway-Craig and Smokey would reply to Felicia’s bothersome requests with: “Bye Felicia”-in almost a dismissive sort of way. It was their way of saying: Bye, get lost, scram, I really can’t entertain you now…I think you get the point. Please tell me you do.  Anyway, now you know what “Bye Felicia” means. You are welcome.

Allow me to get to the crux of this post. Finally-right? Anyway…

So, this Brexit thing. It has me (and hopefully you, as well) going through changes. Yes. Yes, it does. I mean, what-ever. A former Europe minister has recently indicated that a model in which the UK could remain in the single market, post-Brexit, would be “very difficult for people to accept.” According to the BBC, Caerphilly MP Wayne David said the Norway model-favoured by First Minister Carwyn Jones-would in fact, lead to a “massive loss of sovereignty.”

Yikes. Jones later added that the Labour party needed to have a debate on its Brexit position. Erm…excuse me, perhaps before the Labour party discusses that-how about discussing a leadership change? I can’t even with Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Nope. I mean…were I ever to see our Jeremy, I would be all: “cash me outside, howbowdat?” Like I said, I can’t even with Jeremy Corbyn. I am a peaceful warrior. I sure am. But I digress. Anyway, a spokesman for Mr Jones’ indicated/said single market access was key to protecting jobs. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Norway 101

Norway is NOT in the EU but it still has access to the single market. In addition, Norway has to make a financial contribution and also, must accept the majority of EU laws-but here’s the thing…Norway does not have a say on how said laws are created. Right. Ok. Glass half full? Glass half empty? I guess Norway sees it as glass half full. In fact, if any Norwegians are reading this-do weigh in. Please and thanks.

Image result for image of norway on a map of EU

First Minister Carwyn Jones had a quick, albeit, informative trip to Norway back in January. A sort of crash course-to learn about its EU links. Jones concluded, post Norway, that the Norway example clearly demonstrated that the UK did not have to give up access to the single market when it leaves the EU. Speaking on Monday, he said, “We would not control the rules but we would have full and unfettered access.”

Mr David indicated that while the first minister was correct to focus on the importance of the single market (as many Welsh jobs depend on it) the Norway model was a step too far. David added “The big problem with simply adopting the Norwegian model is that we accept the laws which are made in the European Union, which we will be outside, without having any say on those laws that affect the single market.” Yes. Preach. Right on…I think you get the point.  David also added/proposed that the UK could possibly look at how elements of the Norway Model could work in part-instead of embracing it “hook, line and sinker.” Finally, someone is speaking sense. Meanwhile our illustrious (or not) PM is on holiday. Goodness, gracious me. What on earth? Honestly. What can I say about? Erm…”Bye Felicia.” That is all.








  1. supernaturalsnark · July 25

    I think the UK would be lucky to come away with anything as beneficial as the Norway model, let alone take parts of it. It’s funny, though, because leaving the EU is mostly about the EU courts/law overruling UK courts routinely. Theresa May in particular was someone who had that happen to her a lot. Every time I hear the word sovereignty I want to punch someone. There are some delusional people that seem to want to return to the good old Commonwealth days. Good luck with that. Unravelling all of those laws will take a long time – Repeal Bill or not. This government is clearly not up to the task.

    Right now the UK isn’t a major creator of anything. No real goods to trade. If they leave the single market, they run into multiple problems and would start off in a weaker position in every single trade agreement they tried to broker. I’ve never seen such a display of stupidity in my life.

    Jeremy Corbyn is another useless person. I see that he’s slowly backtracking. I disagree with the way the media were treating him before but I’m not a fan.

    I need to see Friday! Lol kinda funny that I’ve been using Bye Felicia for years without seeing the movie. 🤔😂

    Great post!

  2. samdfb1 · July 26

    Hey now…alrite, alrite, alrite. Thanks for your comment and glad you liked the post. I had some free time yesterday and was able to sit down and compose a fairly good post (she says with a little modesty..ha).

    You make a good point re UK and the Norway model-true, the UK would be lucky with a similar model. But I guess we have to wait to see what May and David Davies have to say about that. Oh boy. Christmas is coming…as they say. Uggh.

    Haha-yes ‘sovereignty’ is like the new catch word these days. It is an interesting word/concept-and true, it is laden with historical implications. As for me, I am actually pro-Commonwealth-those truly were the good old days. Check it, you probably don’t agree with me-and that is totally fine-and guess what-you probably got a lot to do today, as do I-so lets’ save this Commonwealth convo for another time. For real. Thanks! BTW…a major problem w/ that I can’t bloody well spell it. I mean, my spelling is rubbish anyway (gee thanks Spellcheck-thanks for enabling me) but ‘sovereignty’ is super hard for me. Ha.

    Very true, generally speaking-the UK ‘stuggles’ to create anything. Massive generalisation, in my opinion. Let us not forget the contributions of Scotland and Wales (not sure about NI) I mean, they are ‘up and coming’ re contributions re trade and exports. Of course, this is my opinion-am quite sure many would disagree with me. In fact, I am certain of it.

    Lastly, JC is as my Grandmother would say: ‘A 5th wheel to a coach.’ Meaning-he is totally useless. Completely. 100%. Oh and don’t even get ME started on Diane Abbott. Omg. Nope. I can’t with that woman. Am glad she is tending to her health issues and is not so vocal these days. Or perhaps, JC told her to : ‘Sit this one out, love.” or maybe: “DC, more listening and less talking here…” Am quite certain one of those phrases were uttered from those Labour leader lips of his. Defo.

    Please see FRIDAY-you will really like it!

  3. samdfb1 · July 26

    I meant: “DA” …not “DC” 😉

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