A ‘Special’ BREXIT Relationship (US/UK)

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Hello and hi. BREXIT. I have now waxed lyrical plenty on BREXIT. So much so, that I have often considered a ‘Brexit only’ blog. Yes. Yes, I have. But-am pretty busy (aren’t we all?) so… no ‘Brexit-only’ blog. Instead, just the occasional blog post on this fascinating (or not) topic. But between you and me, Brexit is terribly complicated and fascinating in equal measure. Maybe you don’t think so…but guess what? We still cool.

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As reported on the BBC (sorry FOX news, I have zero time for your nonsensical ramblings. For real.) the UK will shortly hold its first talks with the United States, in an attempt to etch-a-sketch (sketch) out potential details regarding a post-Brexit trade deal. Truth. *holds breath, clasps hands in steeple-like position and breathes audibly*

Liam Fox, International Trade Secretary, will spend two days in my hometown (cue Adele) with his US counterpart, Robert Lighthizer. I know very little about Robert-but know loads about our Liam. Yes. Yes, I do. Maybe later, I will write a blog post on him. Maybe. Anyway, I can tell you this..Brussels will not be too happy to know that the UK is window shopping regarding trade deals-technically the UK has not left the EU. In brief, we are still in the process of Brexit-ing. We sure are. In other words…EU rules mean that the UK cannot sign a trade deal until it has left the EU. Translation: Check it: you still in the club, mate. You can’t just up and leave. Nope.

Liam Fox, or rather Mr. Fox (who abhors foxes btw) indicated that it was entirely too early to say what would be covered in a potential deal. Too early. Oh please, Liam…I was not born yesterday. I know and you know- that the deal is already on the table. Theresa May, our PM and yours too- has told you to put a lid on it-I mean, no need to upset Brussels or even the British public-I mean, that would be bad. Very bad. In addition, various firms and trade unions have warned against the potential risks-trying to secure an agreement too quickly. In other words: slowly, slowly catchy the monkey. Which simply means: go slow, real slow. Don’t make any hasty decisions.

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In addition, the Department for International Trade indicated that said discussion were expected to focus on “providing certainty, continuity and increasing confidence for UK and US businesses as the UK leaves the EU.” In brief, that is diplomatic speak for: ‘erm…you have a crazy, potentially unhinged person in the White House- who is your current ‘leader’/President..this we know for certain. But… let us make certain that our special relationship, post-Brexit is solid and that we continue to be BFF’s’.  Seriously, that is what it means, I mean…you just got to read between the lines. Yes. Yes, you do.

In addition, Fox added, “The [UK-US trade and investment] working group is the means to ensure we get to know each other’s issues and identify areas where we can work together to strengthen trade and investment ties.”  Further, The British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) director general, Adam Marshall indicated that the US’s experience at such negotiations would make it difficult for the UK to secure a good deal. Wait…what?! Oh Adam…oh  man of little faith. Come on now…give US a chance.  Marshall also added “we’re just getting back into the game of doing this sort of thing after 40 years of doing it via the EU.” Very true.  Marshall also added that it would be best to focus on improving “small practical things” such as custom procedures, rather than a comprehensive trade deal. Yup. Like I said: slowly slowly catchy the monkey.

Earlier in the month-US President Donald Trump said he expected a “powerful” trade deal with the UK to be completed “very quickly.” Ok. Cool. Great. As for me…I expect impeachment hearings to commence shortly and I imagine, that they too, will be completed/over and done with, rather quickly. I live in hope. Mic dropped.

That is all.







  1. Phil Taylor · July 25

    Thanks for providing me with my new favorite phrase!

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