Ellie Goulding/DITW



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Hello and hi. Know much about our Ellie Goulding? No? Yikes. Allow me to educate you, albeit, briefly. Yup. Ellie Goulding is an English singer/songwriter. Quite a lovely looking lass- with a weird, pixie-like, mercurial sort of demeanour and with a voice which emanates a deliberate, thoughtful, woman-girl-child searching for answers. Answers to what exactly…I am not sure. As you can probably guess…I am a fan. But, here’s the thing…sometimes her voice really bugs me. And I have no idea why. I mean…just stop your whining now, Ellie. ‘Adul-ting’ is hard. We all have to do it. Get over yourself, already. Ain’t nobody got time for your soul-filled sadness. Nope. No, no they do not. Truth. Am I being too mean? Good. I could be a lot worse things. Am I right? I think I am. Yup. That being said…

I have included: ‘Dead in the Water’ by our Ellie. It is probably the saddest song in the history of time. I mean…Jesus wept. Not sure if this is a song of sadness or of hope. For real. That being said, I urge you to listen…but if you are having a particularly bad day or feeling a bit down….please DO NOT listen to this song. For real. Seriously…no. Just, no. You will thank me later…I just know it.

As for me, I am my usual optimistic and garrulous self. Please note that I could only listen to this song once. I mean…I am in a good mood…and I want to stay that way. Thank you for understanding. Cheah! Anyway, I hope you like the song. Yes. Yes, I do.







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