Blair on Brexit II



                                                                                                       Image: The Independent

Hello and hi. This morning I heard our illustrious (or not) former PM on the radio. This caused me to nearly spit out my tea. I buy expensive tea. Thankfully and luckily, I did not spit out my tea. But I nearly did. So, this happened…

Former PM Tony Blair was on the radio this morning and was giving an interview. I doubt I was the only one who was listening to his interview. Am pretty sure our current PM, the illustrious (or not) Theresa May was listening as well. And most likely, that poor woman, upon hearing the dulcet tones of Blair, was no doubt breathing rather heavily into a paper bag. I mean, I cannot be sure-but am guessing she was. Yes. Yes, I do.

In brief, Blair told the Today programme that one option for Britain included: “staying within a reformed EU.” Wait. What? Nope. “Listen to me now! Look it, look it..”


So, now the former PM is giving the current PM advice? Yikes? You see why our Theresa was breathing slowly into a paper bag? Please tell me you do. And another thing…how is Blair giving an interview? Shouldn’t he be in the Hague? I am asking a serious question here. But I digress. Anyway, Blair made the above statement but indicated that he would NOT disclose conversations he had had in Europe-but insisted that he was not speaking “on a whim.” So, why even comment Tony-if you are not going to reveal the nature of your source? I can’t with you, mate. Nope.

Blair also said that BREXIT will give the UK greater control of its borders. Perhaps. But guess what, Tony? You don’t get to say these things as you are no longer in politics. And besides…you ought to be in the Hague…and not giving interviews. For real.  Anyway, as you can imagine, Blair’s comments did not go down too well with shadow chancellor, John McDonnell who said that Blair “hadn’t really listened to the nature of the debate going on.” Obviously. I mean, I am not even shadow chancellor (nor will I ever be) but even I knew that. I sure did. *places hands in steeple-like position and bows head. Sighs audibly*



According to the BBC website, Blair spoke to the BBC, after he had written/argued in an article for which he had written for his own institute-that there was actually room for compromise on free movement of people. Perhaps. But…I am not in the habit of listening to war criminals. Come on, now. No. No, just no.

In addition, Blair also said that the current in situation in Europe was different when Britain voted to leave the EU, a move he described as “the most serious it’s taken since the Second World War.” Duh. Blair also added that France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron was proposing “far-reaching reforms” for the EU and later added that “Europe itself is now looking at its own reform programme…they will have an inner circle in the EU that will be part of the Eurozone and an outer circle.” Shortly after, presenter Nick Robinson asked for what evidence there was to suggest such a thing-that EU nations would actually compromise on such issues as freedom of movement-but Blair simply replied “I’m not going to disclose conversations I’ve had within Europe, but I’m not saying this literally on the basis of a whim.” Uggh. What are you saying Mr. Blair? Please advise. Blair did add, “They will make reforms that I think will make it much more comfortable for Britain to fit itself in that outer circle.” Maybe. Maybe not.

Meanwhile, I am happy to report, that post-interview, our PM, Theresa May needed to have a strong cup of tea and a lie down too. Why? Because she ‘can’t even’ with Tony Blair. Guess what Mrs. May? I can’t either. Truth.  In the words of the illustrious Beyoncé, ‘what’s worse…looking jealous or crazy?” I think in the case of Tony Blair…he looks both. Truth.

Image result for image of beyonce in hold up

Blair went on to say that most people in France, Germany and the UK actually supported changes around benefits-in regards to those who come to Europe without a job. He also said regarding this. “I’m not saying these could be negotiated…I’m simply saying if we were looking at this from the point of view of the interests of the country, one option within this negotiation would be Britain staying within a reformed European Union.”

That is all.











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