Play That Song/Train/My Current Jam


Hello and hi. My current jam is: Play That Song by Train. Yes, Train. Oh gosh-I love Train. Maybe you don’t like Train-which is perfectly fine. We still cool. I have loved Train from the very beginning. They released their 10th studio album about 7 months ago. I mean, these guys have ‘staying power’-do they not? I think they most certainly do. Yup..

I could wax plenty re Train, but I got a million things to do today- in addition, I have some outstanding BREXIT blogs to write/edit/post. Hello BREXIT Repeal Bill…nice to meet you! So… watch this space! Do it. Make sure you do. Please. I think you get the point…

Oh, I hope you like the song. It should sound familiar to you…at least I hope so. And now for the video…



And now for that familiar song…that I mentioned earlier. Please tell me you know this song or we can’t be friends. Sorry (not sorry).







  1. Howard · July 13

    *Lervely* song! So happy!

    Great vid, too: beautifully choreographed. If it doesn’t put you in a beezer mood, what will? Nothing, that’s what.



    • samdfb1 · July 13

      Right? Exactly. Preach. This song makes me happy! Love his dance moves too…this guy has some serious ‘dad dancing’ moves…saw some ballet moves too. I sure did. Respect.


  2. supernaturalsnark · July 13

    I love Train! I didn’t realise they still made music (do they release their stuff over here?). The last song I heard was the terribly titled Drive By.

    • samdfb1 · July 13

      Yay! Am not sure…am guessing : nope. I so love them. My fav’s from them are: Hey Soul Sister, Drops of Jupiter and Marry Me..

      Check ’em out on YouTube if you have the time. They are bril . Drops of Jupiter is especially sad and was written after the lead singer had lost his Mum and he was missing her so so much…a really sad, yet a beautiful song. Have a listen!

      • supernaturalsnark · July 13

        I’ve have all three songs on my iPod and I like them! I have one of their albums somewhere. My fave song of theirs probably Parachute (ruuuunning!).

        I like some of Pat’s solo songs as well (particularly Her Eyes and Always Midnight).

      • samdfb1 · July 13

        And me too/ ditto. Same. Kettle meet pot.

        Wait…what? Solo songs? Oh hey YouTube…how’s you? Ha.

      • supernaturalsnark · July 13

        Lol I should warn you that the video for Her Eyes is… cringey.

      • samdfb1 · July 13

        ahh ok…thanks for the warning…yikes…a bit scared now (total lie). 😉

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