The BEST thing about Little Mix is…

Hello and hi. Am not sure if I am really tired today, old, cranky or had an extra dose of sarcasm in my porridge, this morning. Hmm…I suspect all of the above.

The best thing about Little Mix is: NOTHING. Actually, the best thing about this video is Stormzy. Yup. I don’t actually listen or follow Little Mix as I am not 13 years old. Truth. But they are playing it on the radio here 24/7. Gulp. I mean, maybe Little Mix is your jam-it is certainly not mine. If indeed Little Mix is your jam…sorry (not sorry) we can’t be friends. Simples.

To me, being a non 13 year old girl…Little Mix is nothing more than the Spice Girls recycled. The Spice Girls recycled… with less clothes and even more makeup slathered over their cherubic faces (think of your pores, girls!). Am I right? I think I am.

I mean, if I had a teenage daughter and she even expressed remotely that she liked Little Mix…I would bite the inside of my cheeks, swallow, make a small, albeit, determined fist , blink with deliberate slowness and say something like: “oh really, darling? You like Little Mix? How nice. Now, be a dear and go pack up your trunk for boarding school. Oh…I never mentioned that you would be commencing boarding school the MINUTE you mentioned Little Mix? Oh dear. I do apologise, love. Now…get going, mustn’t be late.”

Perhaps you are thinking I a mean person. Good. I could be a lot worse things. Yes. Yes, indeed. But…sorry am not going to let any daughter of mine dress like a two-bit, biker hooker, wearing fishnet stockings and multiple piercings with zero clothes on (you might catch cold, dear). Nope. Not gonna happen. That being said…there is a serious message in the video. These girls have the power. Apparently. I invite you to listen…just make sure you close your eyes when you do. You will thank me later. Enjoy listening…with your eyes closed. Rant officially over. That is all.





  1. supernaturalsnark · July 11

    I was highly concerned when I saw the blog post title but yeah, Little Mix are garbage. They were shit when they won X-Factor and they’re shit now. Too much autotune, too much make up and not enough talent. But what do I know…😂

    • samdfb1 · July 11

      Thanks. I appreciate your honesty…I mean…kettle meet pot. They are garbage- and I had to think long and hard re posting. In blogging re LM, I am essentially promoting/advocating their ‘talent.’ I have zero time to promote scantily clad 17-19year olds. So…just put my point across…and included video. Let the people decide, I say. I only speak for myself…with added sarcasm, of course! Ha. Laters. 😉

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