Happy Monday/One Direction/The 1975

Image result for image of One Direction band

Hello and hi. Happy Monday! Am not a big fan of One Direction. Nope. Why? I will tell you, since you asked…it is because I am not a prepubescent girl. No. No, I am not.  That being said, here is The 1975 covering One Direction’s: What Makes You Beautiful. I mean…it is really good and even BETTER than the original. Yes. Yes, it is. I hope you like it as much as I do.





  1. supernaturalsnark · July 14

    I hate One Direction passionately and WMYB rips off at least two songs but it’s the only song of theirs that I can tolerate. I still have it on my old iPod…I am slightly ashamed.

    • samdfb1 · July 15

      Ditto. Check it…I appreciate your honesty. Truth. You should see/what’s on my old iPod. Yikes.

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