Blurred Lines (in the Live Lounge/BBC)

Hello and hi. Erm…I could say a lot about ‘blurred lines’ but… this is a family-friendly blog. It sure is. (Plus, my Dad reads this blog-so-I am not exactly going to talk about blurred lines and have him think his favourite daughter* is an unprincipled whack-job). That being said…Check out Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines-straight from the Live Lounge/BBC). Oh gosh…it is good. Truth be told, he is a bit Luther Vandross-y here, but…it seems to work. Yes. Yes, it does. Apart from the fact that he objectifies women in his lyrics…it’s a pretty good song. Yup.

Have provided the aforementioned magical version below…as well as the enhanced, studio version. I hope you like it/them as much as I do. Yes. Yes, I do.




*Please know…I am my dad’s only daughter. Oh and I have a brother….I sure do….and that ‘cat’ is even funnier than me. Truth.


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