Best of luck, Andy Murray! (you got THIS)



Hello and hi. So, today is a pretty big day here in the UK. It sure is. Today is the start of Wimbledon. Applause. *quickly decides to take up tennis and goes to shop to buy the most cost-effective tennis racket* Everyone is terribly excited here on this not so small, island and of course, we are wishing our Andy Murray the best of luck! Even Peppa Pig* is wishing Andy Murray luck. How great. I have provided Peppa’s message to our Andy for you here 

Our Andy Murray will open Centre Court play TODAY as he attempts to win his 3rd Wimbledon title. Woot Woot. Can I get an ‘Amen?!’ ‘Holla’ ‘Wassup Player?!’…I think you get the point. Murray will face Alexander Bublik in the first round at 1300 BST. Our Andy has recently had a minor hip injury-but he seems fighting fit and ready to rumble. Yes. Yes, yes he does. Best of luck, Andy Murray!


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                                                                                                                         The Daily Star

Sir Andrew Barron Murray OBE (Order of The British Empire) (We just call him: ‘our Andy’) is a British professional tennis player from Scotland and is currently ranked world No. 1 in men’s singles.  Murray is a three-time Grand Slam tournament winner, two-time Olympic champion, Davis Cup champion and the winner of the 2016 ATP World Tour Finals. In his spare time, he likes to indulge in underwater basket weaving. Ok, I totally made that up. Murray is a pretty fantastic tennis player-that is his game and that is what he does. Yup.

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Good Luck, Andy Murray. You got this! Yes. Yes, you do.



  • Peppa Pig is a British pre-school, animated TV series. I personally have never ‘seen’ Peppa but then again…I am not 5 years old. Nope. That is all.





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