Team Danny Mac & Oti

Hello and hi. This is an old post-but still pretty fantastic in my opinion. *she says in measured modesty* Oh and this video is EVERYTHING. Yes. Yes, it is. Enjoy this OLD post and please know that it is perfectly ok if you start dancing along while watching…see…we are not so different after all. Haaa. Enjoy!

Life in London

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Hello and hi. Most Brits and a certain American blogger will find themselves glued to the telly on Saturday and Sunday nights, as we watch, discuss, vote and speak in excited tones as we watch Strictly Come Dancing. I do believe there is an American version for an American audience, but the name of the show is slightly different but the concept and format is the same.  Strictly Come Dancing (informally knows as ‘Strictly‘) is a British TV reality show which features contestants and celebs and others…like MP’s, WAGS, actors, et al.

Essentially, Strictly is a dance competition as mentioned, where you have professional dance partners paired up with their celeb partners as they learn, dance and perform ballroom and Latin dances to perfect perfection. Each couple is scored out of 10 by the panel of 4 judges-all of whom  have significant dance experience. And that is the…

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