How To Smile 101 (UK)

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Hello and hi. Smile much? I hope you do…or else we can’t be friends. Sorry, not sorry. So, this happened…

First let me preface this smiling in the UK post, with a few thoughts on smiling…

I pretty much smile on the daily. I mean, come on…the alternative is not so great. And besides, who wants to be around someone who is a bit ‘down in the mouth?’ No one. No one wants to be around someone who is ‘down in the mouth. No. No, they do not. So, yeah-I smile plenty and I don’t exactly have Farrah Fawcett teeth-I mean, my teeth are ok but they are not Farrah Fawcett teeth. No. No, they are not.

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                                                                                                                           Image: Vanity Fair

It was recently reported in The Times that TOO big a smile can actually be a social handicap-according to recent research. Wait…what? Ok. Weird, but ok.  Of course this nugget of information regarding this so called smiling research, was recently confirmed by Plos One (a peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal, published by the Public Library of Science/PLOS since 2006.) In addition, Plos One ascertained (via their research, am guessing) that the most effective smile-is one that is not too wide and one that avoids excessive exposure of teeth. Right. Ok. So much to remember…right? I think I am. I mean, just smile people, don’t think about it too much. For real.

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Jessica Simpson Smile


In addition, Plos One published their findings online and tested the reactions of 802 volunteers to computer generated 3D faces (wait, they couldn’t find actual real live, breathing humans? Sheesh) and the smiles which received a more positive response were smiles which were developed symmetrically…a bit like Farrah Fawcett’s. So, that’s it-that is what the research said. How utterly fascinating. Not. I mean…smile. Just do it. That is all.







  1. supernaturalsnark · June 29

    I generally don’t smile and I’ve had multiple people stop me in the street and tell me to smile. People who smile a lot weird me out but apparently I’m the odd one, pffft. 😂

    • samdfb1 · June 29

      Haha. Random people stop you in the street and tell you to smile?! My goodness…where do you live? Never going there! Haha- those people are strangers to you-but feel the need to give you advice re smiling? Weird. Gosh. But yes..over smiley people do look a bit mad/ deranged to me as well. Yup.

      • supernaturalsnark · July 1

        In their defense, I have a very serious facial expression, otherwise known as resting bitch face 😂😂😂

      • samdfb1 · July 1

        Oh my goodness. Really? Often…RBF is normally associated with women. But am sure guys have it too. My goodness…what a sexist world we live in. Haaa.

      • supernaturalsnark · July 1

        I’m a woman 😝 my RBF is srs because I’m always daydreaming, but yes, if I was guy, I doubt anyone would care.

      • samdfb1 · July 2

        Ahh.haaaa…guess what? Someone left me a comment on a rugby post I had written…they thought I was a boy/guy! And now…I’ve done the same to you! Massive apology! Back home we say: you should not assume…when you do…you make an ASS out of U and ME. Gosh…really sorry. Lesson learned. Yup.

        Re: RBF…mine is especially bad when I am in the post office queue. Apologies again for the wrong gender thing.

      • supernaturalsnark · July 10

        LOL, no worries. I think it’s hilarious. It just adds to my mysteriousness. 😂 Or something like that. Besides I don’t give much about myself away. Apart from my scorn and disdain towards life and people. Haha.

        The post office queues are crazy. There’s always one crying baby, one person having a loud phonecall and that chancer who’ll steal your spot if you’re not practically running after the person in front each time they move an inch. Grrr.

      • samdfb1 · July 10

        haha. omg ha-larious. I think I need to be more like that-maintain an air of mysteriousness-probably me blogging, is not the best way to do this. Still learning…adulting is real hard!

        Omg don’t get me started on post office queues…I mean…these people have ONE job yet still manage to have difficulty…the last time I had to tell the lady the price of a first class stamp. Good grief. Oh and crying babies…leave them outside in the pram, I say. I mean, they did that in the 1950’s…did any one die? get kidnapped? Nope. But these are different times. But seriously…leave that little one OUTSIDE. Haaa.

        Have a good day (or try to ). Haa. 😉

  2. Phil Taylor · June 30

    I’m smiling at your post right now

    • samdfb1 · June 30

      Awww yeeah! And, me Phil! Woot Woot! 😉

  3. declutteringmylifeweb · August 11

    It is so strange that we show our teeth while smiling as a sign of peaceful behaviour, while other species show their teeth as a sign of warning.

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