Hydrangea Macrophylla

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Hello and hi.  Hydrangea macrophylla or just ‘hydrangea’ for obvious reasons is a species of a flowering plant in the family of Hydrangeaceae and is native to Japan. It is a deciduous shrub (falling off at maturity) growing to 2m (7ft) tall by 2.5m (8ft)broad with large heads of pink or blue flowers in the summer and atumn. Common names include:

  • Bigleaf Hydrangea
  • French Hydrangea (well, lets hope we can get these post Brexit)
  • Lacecap Hydrangea
  • Mophead Hydrangea
  • Penny Mac and
  • Hortensia (I once knew a girl called ‘Hortensia’…she was a total wallflower)

Hydrangeas are widely cutltivated in  various parts of the world and in many climates.


The term macrophylla means large or long-leaved. The oppostie leaves can grow to 15cm (6in) in length. They are simple, membranous, orbicular to elliptic and acuminate. If you have no idea what that previous sentence even meant…don’t worry. You are NOT alone…

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