What Andy Murray did next…

Hello and hi. If you read my blog (and I hope you do-I mean, let’s face it-you are reading it right now) then you know that I am not that keen on Andy Murray. No. No, I am not. I have previously blogged on him-but I did so, under great stress and strain, as I really don’t like the guy. Sorry (not sorry) if you are reading this, Andy Murray. Lunch tomorrow-the usual place? Haaa.

Anyway, Murray is a pretty fantastic tennis player. He sure is-I mean, how could I possibly not like The World Number 1? I mean…what gives? Allow me to explain. Please and thanks. First of all, he seems a bit down in the mouth pretty much all the time. I mean, we all get bad days-but this guy seems to have a bad day on the daily. However, on his wedding day, to his long time girlfriend, Kim Sears-our Andy was all smiles. Thank goodness.


So, our Andy seems to have a sour disposition more often than not and I simply have no time for someone who is ‘down in the mouth’ pretty much on the daily. No. No, I do not. There are other things I don’t like about Andy Murray, but I simply don’t have the time or the mental proclivity to list them all. Nope.

What Andy Murray did next…

Andy Murray, The World Number 1, is to donate his prize money from Aegon’s Championships (this week) to the victims of the Grenfell Tower* fire. Murray will play his first match today/Tuesday against Aljaz Bedene. Murray, if he wins (and he probably will, seeing that he has won this particular title 5 times) would earn £347K, should he successfully defend his title.

Wow, massive respect to Murray-what an amazingly kind and generous offer.  In fact, Murray has always been a pretty generous supporter of charities throughout his career and has subsequently donated to a number of charitable causes, but he has never sought publicity for this charitable donations. Amazing. Yay for him. Woot Woot.

Andy Murray charitable donations (not a complete list)

In fact, our Murray gave his £73K winner’s cheque to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity-after his friend, Ross Hutchins, was treated in the aforementioned hospital, following his diagnosis with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Then 12 months later, Murray raised more than £50K in memory of the former British Number 1, Elena Baltacha, who sadly died of liver cancer at the age of 30.  In 2015, our Murray helped raise £83K for Unicef and their work involving those fleeing Syria.

Wow. Just, wow. I salute you, Andy Murray-how great you are! I am actually liking you now. You seem OK in my book. Yes. Yes, you do. But mate…please smile more. When you smile…I smile. Yup.



*Last week’s fire at Grenfell Tower-a London tower block (high rise apartment) was pretty brutal and devastating in equal measure. It is now believed to have claimed 79 lives. Of course, a lot more people tragically died in that fire, in West London-some are still yet to be identified and some never will be. How incredibly sad.







  1. Howard · June 20

    All the tennis players I used to despise, like McEnroe, and now Murray, are making me change my mind about them! I now salute them.


    • samdfb1 · June 20

      Same. Ditto. Kettle meet pot. I think you get the point. Haaa…

  2. Meghan Tregellis · June 20

    It’s good to hear when some of these guys actually put their fame and fortune to good use, not just spend on frivolous living.

    • samdfb1 · June 20

      100%! I mean how many fancy cars does 1 celeb need? For real. Thanks for the read! 😀

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