A Fish Story…(this is actually a TRUE story)



Hello and hi. I have a fish story/anecdote for you-not my usual post…not about the UK, BREXIT, British politics, Prince Harry etc.-but thought it was interesting. I sure did. Anyway, as you probably know…when someone says ‘fish story’ it means that it is an exaggerated or incredible story. It is hard to believe. It is pretty incredulous. I think you get the point. That being said, I have a fish story…but here’s the thing-it is TRUE. It is not a fish story per se, but rather about an actual fish. Yes. Yes it is. So, this happened….

Recently in Brazil (where Tilapia has long been a staple fish, in terms of Brazilian diets) Tilapia has been assisting burn victims. Please read that again. How crazy is that? Pretty crazy, if you ask me. Yup.

Researchers at the Federal University of Ceara are confident (presumably through research-they are researchers after all) that the skin of freshwater fish can actually be developed and used as a sort of bandage for second and third degree burns. How interesting. How gross. I mean, how gross is fish skin? I mean….I eat fish pretty much every day-and let me tell you…it is horrible to touch and super slimy. I got no time for fish skin and I certainly do not want it on my second or third degree burn. I would prefer a bandage-thanks, that would be great.

Anyway, the researchers have deduced (via research) that there are certain proteins in the fish skin and that its moisture-retaining properties, disease resistance and flexibility are quite similar to human skin-as reported in The Times. Oh my Lakshmi. I mean, there are so many other things to be researching…but fish skin? But really now, it is pretty great that burn victims now have a viable option towards their healing. So, yay for that.



The aforementioned research involved 60 volunteers with burns-they had their burns dressed with Tilapia fish skin and their burns healed pretty quickly and the volunteers actually needed/requested fewer painkillers. When you have a serious burn-gauze dressings need to be changed every 24 hours-this is not only incredibly painful but there is a risk of impeding the healing process with the constant changing of the gauze-but with a sterile skin covering (like Tilapia fish skin) it can actually be left on the burn patient for a period of 10 days and then be peeled away with little or no pain.

Apparently, the Tilapia skins are cleaned and subsequently disinfected using radiation and then cut into strips. The strips are then laminated and can be stored in a fridge for up to 2 years. Erm…I think I will take the gauze. I can’t exactly go to work with Tilapia fish skin on my arm. Nope. And another thing-I recently found out about Tilapia. Basically…I will NEVER eat Tilapia again. Ever. (Thanks Dad, for that nugget of info re Tilapia-it was pretty life changing. )

In closing, just wanted to share a fish story that was actually true. Truth. That is all.








  1. waternymph88 · July 3

    This is brilliant! Thank you for posting xxx

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