The Perfect Summer Song (UK)

Hello and hi. It has been pretty warm in the UK lately. I mean, yesterday there was no rain, warm sunshine and exactly 3 clouds in London Town. Make sure you read that sentence again. Please and thanks. That being said, summer is the perfect time to kick back, drink cucumber water and play some music. Yes. Yes, I drink cucumber water. Thanks for not judging me. Anyway, I think Kids is the perfect summer song. I sure do.

This song is approximately 6 years old-but it is so good. Plus-who does not LOVE Robbie Williams? Everyone loves Robbie Williams (and Raymond too-Haa). I met Robbie Williams briefly last summer and I nearly lost the ability to speak. And if you know me…at all…you know I am a talker. Yes. Yes, I am. Anyway, here is the video/song-hope you like it as much as I do.

Oh and as for the recent shambolic and deplorable election results here in the UK and aftermath-I got plenty to say on that. Yup. So, watch this space. Please and thanks. And now for the video…






  1. nbratscott · June 13

    Robbie Williams is OK but I can’t look at Kylie Minogue the same way after seeing her in a “Wiggles” video!

    • samdfb1 · June 13

      oh how funny. Robbie Williams is old(er) now and a bit heavier… and happily married with 2 kids. But he is still pretty dapper! Am not sure what that “Wiggles” video is that you referred to …please advise. Haaa…:)

      • nbratscott · June 14
  2. waternymph88 · June 13

    Waiting for your thoughts on the Election obviously…xxx

    • samdfb1 · June 13

      ahh… pressure, then! Haa. Hope you are well and new job is going bril! xxx

      • waternymph88 · June 17

        New job didn’t last very long sadly…xxx

      • samdfb1 · June 17

        Oh nooo. Sorry, lovely! Boo.

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