UK General Election 101

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Hello and hi. So, today is the BIG day here in the UK. Yes. Yes, it is. Maybe you are not familiar with the UK voting process, the various political parties, the wider implications for Britain and the world-in terms of, who wins the general election, et al. Luckily, I am here to help you. As always, you are welcome. Ok, let’s do this. Right, then. First, the basics…

UK General Election 2017 (recap)

So, basically-our current Prime Minister, Theresa May was not always our Prime Minister. In fact, she previously had a pretty important job, as Home Secretary and in her role she seemed competent and respected in equal measure. Please know that the aforementioned statement is a massive generalisation. Loads of people did not like her in the slightest.

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Anyway, our Theresa was Home Secretary and David Cameron was Prime Minister. Both of course, belonged to the Conservative Party (or the ‘nasty party’ as they are sometimes referred to). Anyway, David Cameron during his tenure as PM had this lightbulb moment/dumb idea that the country should vote in a referendum regarding whether or not the UK should LEAVE or REMAIN in the EU. Enter: BREXIT.

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I mean, no one was that bothered about it-sure, people were not that impressed with Brussels-nerve centre for the EU (or Brussel Sprouts for that matter) and people just wanted to get on with their daily lives, watch channel BBC news, watch EastEnders and drink tea as well as a pint of ale, three times weekly. That is what the people wanted. The people could not give a monkey’s about the bleedin’ referendum (to be said in a Yorkshire accent). Ok, please know I am painting this picture with broad strokes here-of course people cared about the referendum but guess what-a lot didn’t. And they either did not vote or tried to vote strategically-which of course backfired for them. Some people even wanted a 2nd referendum! What the what? No. Just, no.

So, the referendum happened and the UK voted to LEAVE the EU. The people had voted-but many did not understand fully what they were voting for and some didn’t vote at all. Then 3 minutes after the referendum results came out, David Cameron our PM resigned. Yup. You see, our Dave was in the REMAIN camp and he could not exactly be true to himself while leading the country towards BREXITING (when he thought and believed the opposite).

Then there was a vacancy. Enter Theresa May-who was Home Secretary at the time. And get this…she was NOT even elected by the people. Nope. Ain’t democracy grand? But here’s the thing, Theresa was in the REMAIN camp as well-but being PM was such a good offer, she could not turn it down. No, no she could not.




So Theresa became PM and had the dauntless task of BREXIT-ing. Poor lass. Then there were reports that there were Chinese rumors within her own Party-the Conservative Party/the ‘nasty’ party and Theresa desperately needed the support of the people (the people who did not vote for her). You see, she needed a proper mandate to lead-she needed a solid base of power, she needed to be elected by the people in order to lead of us out of the EU-in order to BREXIT. Enter the UK general election. Then our Theresa out of nowhere called a snap general election-but she said 11 times that she would not. But she did. Guess what? Politicians lie. Yes. Yes they do.

UK General Election Summary

Today, 8 June 2017 the UK election is taking place. Voting will take place from 7am to 10pm. 46.9 million people are registered to vote. It will be interesting to see how many people actually get out and cast their ballot. First results are expected from 23:00. In brief, the general election will decide which party (or maybe which coalition of parties-oh please, God, no…just, no) forms the next UK government. There are 650 seats in the UK Parliament’s House of Commons up for grabs.


Conservative, Labour, SNP, Liberal Democrat, Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Fein, Plaid Cymru, SDLP, Ulster Unionist Party, UKIP, Green, Alliance Party.

Bet you did not know all of that! But if you want to know more about the aforementioned parties and a manifesto guide in terms of where they stand, you can do that here. You are welcome!


But really now, this election boils down to a contest between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. And that, to many people, is not much of a choice. I mean, I am making massive generalisations here…so, thanks for understanding and any nasty comments will be reported to the Queen. Totally joking. I have never met the Queen…but I have met Prince Philip. Allegedly.

So, in conclusion…that is all she wrote. Watch this space for election results. Yup.








  1. supernaturalsnark · June 8

    How did people vote strategically during the referendum? It was a standard ‘leave or remain’ ballot and didn’t require the loss or gain of any seats etc. I know some idiots voted Leave because the way the left wing media were portraying Leavers but…That’s more idiocy than strategy.

    • samdfb1 · June 9

      Perhaps ‘strategically’ was the wrong word to use. Instead…I should have said that some people did not vote as they thought it was not important or relevant. Their non- voting ‘strategy’ affected the overall vote which resulted in the outome. I used the wrong word here- no doubt about it. Cheers.

      • supernaturalsnark · June 9

        Ah, got it! I agree with that. And in many ways, given that the referendum was non-binding, you can’t blame them. Plus, Theresa May was Remain by name only, you only have to look at her tenure as Home Secretary.

      • samdfb1 · June 9

        Ah ok. Cool…we agree on this. Remain in name only- I have head this before, as well and it is backed up by her tenure as Home Secretary- as you’ve mentioned. So mad. Meanwhile, back home…the world is waiting for ’45’s imminent tweet(s) re Comey. It’s late- I need my rest…and so do you ( probably). That being said…go to bed! Haaaa. Laters.

      • supernaturalsnark · June 9

        She makes my blood boil. Honestly, I would have voted for an actual tree over her. Blech. Oh, gosh, that Comey Hearing was a hoot. They must have locked Trump’s phone away in a secure drawer for him to be away from Twitter for so long, lol.

        I’m a night owl and sleep is for the weak! (I’ll probably fall asleep in ten mins LOL). Goodnight! 🙂

      • samdfb1 · June 12

        What sort of tree? Erm….don’t answer that. Comey hearing was beyond a hoot…it was amazing! Hope you got some rest on election night results. Laters.

      • supernaturalsnark · June 13

        Any tree. Even a fictional tree. Or a man dressed as a tree (or Mr Fishfinger).

        Looks like the Sessions hearing will be just as interesting. If he doesn’t miraculously resign twenty mins beforehand that is.

      • samdfb1 · June 13

        Haaa. Ok! I get you. I totally understand. Any tree. Cool.

        It should be. Hey…it could happen. Anything could happen. I mean…look who is in the White House. Also, good of 45’s son and wife to finally join him at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Slowclap.

      • supernaturalsnark · June 14

        Melania resisted it for as long as she could, bless her. NYC’s window views are much better!

        The irony of his son’s shirt was not lost on me. I bet they picked that out for him on purpose.

        Trump is a nightmare that I hope we all wake up from one day. Soon.

      • samdfb1 · June 14

        Melanie is smarter than we think. Notice how she listens and never talks. Honey child taking it all in. Yup. Pretty sure she has a formidable pre-nuptial agreement.

        Also, Melania’s Pa looks like ’45’…omg…weird

        That shirt was strategically placed on Barron. Someone did good-followed instructions and got to keep their job. Job-wardrobe department for progeny of ‘President’

        It is and continues to be an never ending nightmare. By the end of his presidency, the entire world will be going to AA meetings. Truth. Haaaa

      • samdfb1 · June 12

        Sleep is for the weak? Uh oh. I politely disagree, mate. 😉

  2. samdfb1 · June 9

    ‘Outcome’…yikes…am tired…spelling just escapes me when I am tired! Yup.

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