Meet Sadiq Khan

Life in London

Salutations. By now you have probably heard that the new mayor of London Town is Sadiq Khan. This means that he will be in charge of the UK’s capital city for the next FOUR years. Oh vey. See how multicultural I am? I just mentioned a Muslim mayor and commented using a Yiddish expression indicating grief or dismay. Don’t get me wrong, am sure Khan will do a great job, but London will miss Borris Johnson-our former mayor. Sure, he was a buffoon but he was a wonderful wordsmith,  and seemed to understand the challenges that faced (and continue to face #BoroughMarket) the greatest city on earth (after Washington DC).

That being said, here is a brief bio on Sadiq Khan. Oh, they keep banging on how he is the FIRST Muslim Mayor of Europe. Great. I am the FIRST American person to live on this street but you don’t see me mentioning it…

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