#LondonBridge #LondonTown

Hello and hi. I have no words today. Instead, I will post some images.

Keep Calm and Cary On illustration by Lesco Griffe

JK Rowling tweet says the UK is not 'reeling' - Don't confuse grief with lack of courage she says.

'This is what 'reeling' means in British English' tweet says showing photo of woman drinking cup of tea after Blitz bombing

Photo of tube sign posted by Tony Parsons says 'London Bridge will never fall down'

                                                                                                                Images: BBC website

If you are reading this, keep your loved ones close. Be safe. That is all.




  1. quiall · June 4

    I weep with my cousins in London. . .

  2. Yvonne · June 5

    Why can’t all of this hate just stop? It’s all over the world, and so many innocents die … for what?

    • samdfb1 · June 5

      Great question, Yvonne. Wish I knew the answer. Sigh…

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