A Few Thoughts on James Blunt…

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Hello and hi. Nice long weekend! Yay. Here in the UK we too are having a long weekend-Bank Holiday Monday-which means: No work. Sleeping in. Pub beer garden (allegedly). Running for the ice cream truck (I don’t know why I am even running-I mean, he will stop for me-I am a repeat customer. Please tell me he will stop. Dear Lakshmi, I hope he stops). In addition to all of the above I will be reading the broadsheets (newspapers) and listening to music as I do so.  Yup. I can multi-task…I am a girl after all. Please read that sentence again. Yes, I said it.

That being said, I plan on listening to a bit of James Blunt too. He has a new album out. I have mixed feeling about this guy-in regards to his background, education, Army career and his belated start to his singing career… et al. I have a lot of questions for James Blunt. Yes, yes I do. I mean, I try not judge people… but this guy has had a pretty privileged background (not even judging-just an observation, people) but apart from that, he is terribly funny and his humour is: typical British-self deprecatingly and howlingly funny.

Like I said, I have mixed feelings about Blunt. Some say he is ‘easy on the eyes’…am still deciding regarding that. But, in the finish-he seems like an OK guy. Yes. Yes, he does. Will blog on James Blunt later…but for now, check out his new single: Love Me Better. I like his voice in this and the raw transparency/honesty in the lyrics. I also like the 3 background singers who do a bit of Bhangra dancing-and of course, I like the girl in the video-and how she is Blunt’s perfect woman. I guess you can tell how much I liked the video- hope you like it as much as I do. Yes. Yes, I do.





  1. waternymph88 · June 1

    Yes! His Twitter comebacks are great. Am quite fond of him as a personality…xxx

    • samdfb1 · June 2

      And me…getting there slowly….;)

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