It is HOT in London Town (today)

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Hello and hi. It is HOT in London Town (today) or as the locals say: ‘scorchio’-which means ‘hot’ and between you and me…this word sounds more Spanish in origin and less the Queen’s English. Oh well.

Anyway, it is a lovely, sunny, day…FINALLY. I mean, we’ve had rain for like 4 weeks straight. Truth. I mean, April showers got nothing on: March, April and May-the amount of rain we have had lately has been diabolical. It sure has. Yup.

On a sunny day, as this, people are nicer to each other-strangers smile at each other. People drink outside in Pub beer gardens and laugh loudly while smacking the table with their fists in fits of laughter . The London girls are wearing pretty sandals and skirts (but the men still wear suits.) Also, in hot weather, people on the Tube give/offer their seat up to a weary Americans. Ok, I totally made that up. No one EVER offers me their seat-I have to stand pretty much the entire journey. It is so crowded on the tube, I get to stand real close to complete strangers (and not by choice) as I inhale their heady, intoxicating mix of sweat, perfume and frustration about standing so close to a stranger. But that’s London, for you. That being said, it is HOT in London Town. In fact, it is 24C today. Erm…that is 75.2F for my American brothers and sisters. Yes. Yes, it is.

Hope you are having a good Monday. I know, I am…because it is HOT in London Town. Woot woot. Yay!



                                                                                                         Image: IES London


Image result for image of London in the summer








  1. waternymph88 · May 22

    Yay for the sunshine! I put some shorts on!

  2. samdfb1 · May 22

    Yay! I put a skirt on… my mother would be so proud!

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