The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC)


Image result for image of police from the civil nuclear constabulary                                                                                                Image: Crown Duty Management

Hello and hi. There is plenty to say about the upcoming and imminent UK and French elections. Believe you me, I got plenty to say about those topics, and I will wax lyrical about them later but now, I am all about The Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC). Yes. Yes, I am. Oh you are not familiar? Allow me. You are welcome.

The CNC is a special police force responsible for providing law enforcement and security at or within 5km of ANY relevant nuclear site, as well as for nuclear materials in transit within the UK. Erm..5km? What the heck? I am American, my people deal in miles. If you know what a km is, do let me know. But, I digress.

The CNC was established on 1 April 2005, replacing the former Atomic Energy Authority  Constabulary, which was established in 1955. Brief history now over. Now for the important bit-and this is important. The CNC does NOT guard the UK’s nuclear weapons, this role is the responsibility of the British Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence Police.


The primary role of the CNC is to provide armed policing and security for nuclear sites/materials throughout the UK as well as to maintain a state of readiness against a possible attack on a licensed nuclear site (while also providing assistance to local police forces within the area.)

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The Constabulary is established in Chapter 3, sections 51-71, of the Energy Act 2004. In brief, the act sets up the Civil Nuclear Police Authority and the position of Chief Constable.

Image result for image of police from the civil nuclear constabulary

There are 14 high security nuclear power sites in the UK-which means the CNC are quite busy. Britan’s “nuclear police” protect nuclear power stations from threats, as mentioned. But their role also includes preparing for those times when they may have to tackle potential intruders. Of course, they are also prepared for things like preventing targets against nuclear power stations or preventing theft of nuclear materials.

During 2010-11, the CNC made 12 arrests (although 2 of those people were de-arrested at the scene. Erm…what happened there? They got arrested then unarrested? Yikes. Strange policing methods going on. Not even judging….just curious.

Image result for image of UK nuclear power plant

As you can imagine, nuclear power stations around the globe are carefully guarded for obvious reasons. In addition, the level of security at nuclear power stations will change, depending on what is going on in the world, at the time. In other words, when sh*t gets real, nuclear power stations prepare themselves accordingly. For example, in 2015, France raised protections at its nuclear power facilities following the Paris attacks there in November. And Prior to that, the UK decided to increase security at British facilities, post 9/11-again, for obvious reasons. The old force, the Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary (est 1955) was replaced in 2005 by the CNC-as previously mentioned. Remember, I mentioned that earlier? Please tell me you do.

Anyway, so that is it…a brief introduction to The Civil Nuclear Constabulary. Knowledge is power, people. Yes. Yes, it is.





  1. quiall · May 7

    In a nut shell: 1 kilometre = 0.621371 miles. I grew up with miles but we switched to kilometres in the 70s.

  2. waternymph88 · May 22

    Fascinating! Now for your thoughts on the Election please?

    • samdfb1 · May 22

      Oh gosh….will do! I got plenty to say re that…as per usual. Hope you are well!xxx

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