UK helps gay couples marry in Australia


Hello and hi. Am not sure if you know this or not ( but, I am willing to add to your general knowledge- you are welcome) but, gay couples in Australia CAN’T get married. Truth. However, hundreds of gay weddings have taken place in Australia, since 2014, with the help and assistance of the UK, in subsequently implementing British law-in Australia. Oh man, I got mad respect for the English Legal System. Yes. Yes, I do.

Same sex marriages in Australia are not legal. Uggh. I can’t even with that. No, I cannot.  But as mentioned, hundreds of gay weddings have taken place. How is this possible? You see, there are certain conditions, in order for this to take place. And let’s face it, there are always conditions. But these conditions, are pretty wonderful.

For a same sex wedding to take place in Australia:

  • The weddings must take place on British Consulate Grounds.
  • At least one person must be British

This is a bit of a double-edge sword, in the fact that the said wedding, will not have legal standing in Australia. But it will in England. Many say that the UK is ‘sticking their nose’ in Australian politics/society/laws/etc. I mean, Australia, should make its own laws. Perhaps. Perhaps not. But guess what I think? I will tell you. Here goes…Australia needs to sort itself out and make same sex marriages legal. For real. Because really now: Love is love. Yes.  Yes, it is. That is all.





  1. waternymph88 · April 30

    Had no idea about this! Thank you for posting xxx

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