Blair on Brexit (I can’t even w/this guy)


Hello and hi. Apologies for the ‘radio silence’ but I have been a bit busy. How busy? Well, as busy as a one-legged cat in a sandbox. Yup. Please know that I don’t normally go around saying such things (like the above colloquialism) as it is a typical Southern thing to say….and I am not from the South, but I hear that they are nice people. I am a Yankee. That’s right. I sure am. Please know that  ‘Yankee’ is a derisive term used by Southerners, when they are mentioning us Northerners. But actually, outside of the US-‘Yank’ is used informally to refer to ANY American-including Southerners. But, I digress…as usual.

So, Blair on Brexit …I can’t even with this guy. Erm…’I can’t even’ simply means: ‘I literally cannot even deal with this situation/thing/person/place…it is too funny/scary/horrible/add your own word here.

Enough about slang, allow me to get to the crux of my post. Please and thanks.

So, the illustrious (or not) former Prime Minister, Tony Blair is in the news again. In the news sounding off about things. Political things. Uggh. Like I said, I can’t even with this guy. Seriously, why are we still giving him a platform to speak? How is he not in jail already? I thought war criminals went to jail. More specifically, The Hague.

Please know that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is an intergovernmental organisation and international tribunal-that sits in The Hague, in the Netherlands. The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes…which leads me back to Tony Blair. I think you get the point I am trying to make here.

Instead of jail, Tony Blair runs free and every now and then speaks to the media. Why? Why? Why? I can’t even with this guy. Why does the press continue to give him a platform? War criminals should not be speaking to the Press. Nope.

So, our ex-PM was speaking to the BBC about Brexit. He said some mildly interesting things (for a war criminal). Blair told the BBC that Brexit was a massively bigger issue and even bigger than party allegiance-in terms of the general election, (taking place on 8 June).  Blair also told the BBC that the Conservatives were most likely going to win. *Slowclap* but also that a big Labour vote could actually ‘constrain’ the PM, Theresa May-who he believes is having a spot of bother as PM and that she is being driven by her party’s right wing.

Blair on Brexit

Tony Blair left politics in 2007 (thankfully) but for someone who has left politics he sure is vocal. And not only vocal but he has been a bit too politically active, for my liking.  This whole time I thought Tony Blair was in The Hague, but he was actually becoming increasingly more politically active-talking loads about politics and even setting up a think tank in London. A think tank in London which centres around a continued EU membership. Yikes, Tony. FYI: Mr. Blair: The people voted to LEAVE-you ought to respect that, mate.

Image result for image of tony blair and the eu                                                                                                                             Image: Euinside

Tony Blair, in speaking to the BBC, said that he felt so passionately about Brexit, that he was “almost motivated” to re-enter British politics. Erm…what? Dear God, no. Just, no. What is going on? Sorry (not sorry) but that sounded like a thinly veiled threat. Did Tony Blair just say he wanted to re-enter politics? How? When? And most importantly, shouldn’t he be in jail for war crimes? I am asking a serious question here.

In addition, Blair told the BBC that the Conservatives were most likely on course for a landslide victory (thanks for pointing out the bleedin’ obvious, Tony) and that he “wasn’t totally sure” what Labour’s position was on Brexit. Hmm…well, at least Tony and I can agree on this. But this ONLY.

In speaking to BBC4’s World This Weekend-Blair said that voters needed to know where the candidates stood on leaving the EU. Blair went on to say that May was “very sensible” and a “perfectly decent person” but said that her policy on leaving the EU was “not reasonable” and that it was, in fact, being driven by the right wing of her party. Well hot damn, did Tony Blair just criticise the current Prime Minister? Yes. Yes, I think he did. And in typical political fashion it was a complement but disguised as a put-down. Uggh. I am so done with politicians. (Ok, that was a lie.)

Also, in speaking to the BBC, Blair pledged to put pressure on candidates in each constituency to force them to declare where they stood on the mandate, Theresa May should have when negotiating the terms Brexit. Further, Blair said he was supporting the campaign-which is also backed by anti-Brexit campaigner, Gina Miller. Dear Lord, what is going on?

Blair said that he feared that if the Conservatives win the General Election, that that translates into handing Theresa May a ‘blank cheque for Brexit at any costs’ which Blair believes  is NOT in the interest of the country. In addition, our Tony said:

“I look at the British political scene at the moment and I actually almost feel motivated to go right back into it,” he added. “We’re just allowing ourselves to be hijacked by what is actually quite a small group of people with a strong ideology.”

Oh my goodness. Tony Blair sure has a lot to say…for someone who should be in jail. Yes. Yes, he does. That is all.













  1. waternymph88 · May 2

    I totally can’t even with him either!

  2. Autumn Cote · June 10

    Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee, I’m simplyf trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


    • samdfb1 · June 12

      Hi Autumn, thanks very much. I will email you later today re your request. Thanks/Cheers

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