Accents (UK)

Life in London

Hello and hi. Please know that the above meme is meant as a joke. True it is misleading and wholly inaccurate-the English have no hatred of comfort (that I have ever come across)-so please know that it was meant as a joke. If anyone is offended…well, ‘Cash me outside-how bow dah?’ (It just means: Let us settle this outside. Meet me outside…shall we duel?)

Anyway… I have managed to maintain my American accent whilst living in the UK. Yup. Thank goodness! However, there are some days, however, when ‘I drop the ball’ or ‘let the team down’ and end up sounding a little British. Adapt or die is the name of the game. On the days that I sound distinctly British (which are very few and am usually politely complaining about the length of the queue/line in the post office) I tend to sound like Lady Cora of Downton Abbey. Remember-she was…

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