The Perseus and Andromeda Fountain, Witley Court, Worcestershire

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Hello and hi. No BREXIT post today. You are of course, welcome.  Allow me to wax lyrical about another topic. Please and thanks. So, this happened…

Yesterday The Perseus and Andromeda Fountain at Witley Court got a bit of a spring clean. In other words: water was applied and the fountain was restored to its original, pristine beautiful ‘self’. Yes. Yes, it was. How amazing is this fountain? Pretty amazing, if you ask me.


Witley Court in Worcestershire, England is a ruined Italiante mansion (the Italianate style of architecture was a distinct 19th century phase in the history of Classical architecture. Classical architecture is derived from the principles of Greek and Roman architecture of classical antiquity.) Got it? Do keep up. (Kidding).

Built for the Foleys in the 17th century on the site of a former manor house, it was expanded in the early 19th century, by the architect, John Nash. It was then subsequently sold to the Earl of Dudley. A second massive reconstruction by the architect, Samuel Drakes, took place in the mid 19th century, creating one of the greatest palaces of Victorian and Edwardian England.

The declining fortune of Dudley (hey, it happens) saw the sale of the court after WWI to Kidderminster carpet manufacturer. In 1927, a major fire caused extensive damage to the court-the estate was broken up and sold and the house was stripped of its fittings and furnishings.

Forty years of decay followed before the house and grounds were taken into care of Historic England in 1972 (officially known as: The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England-it is now known as English Heritage.)

Since 1972, significant restoration and stabilisation has secured the house as a spectacular ruin. Woot woot. Respect.

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Witley Court

Gardens and Fountains

Two immense fountains thankfully, survived the fire of 1927 at Witley Court. Both fountains were designed by Nefield and executed by James and William Forsyth. The largest of the two was the Perseus and Andromeda Fountain, and has since been restored to working order, by English Heritage (as previously mentioned… and is essentially, the crux of this post).

Witley Court, circa 1900 (before the fire)

While I have not personally seen this fountain nor Witley Court, the images are pretty breathtaking. And of course, a massive debt of gratitude goes out to English Heritage for restoring it, as well as giving it an annual spring clean, allowing all of us to appreciate this lovely fountain. So…English Heritage…if you are reading this: Thanks!

One last thing…Perseus and Andromeda? Just a brief recap. Please know that this is not a University seminar in Greek mythology-this is only a blog post, people.

Anyway, the story of Perseus and Andromeda derives from Greek mythology and contains very deep wisdom of the interactions between male and female energy. Perseus is one of the GREATEST heroes of Greek Mythology-he was the son of Zeus and mortal Danae.

He is best known as the slayer of the Gorgon Medusa. Further, he is known as the rescuer of the Ethiopian princess, Andromeda. Perseus is also said to be an ancestor of Hercules. In brief, he was a brave and mighty warrior, a good son and an honourable king. Respect.

Image result for image of the perseus and andromeda fountain at Witley Court before and after pictures






Image result for image of perseus and andromeda fountain

Related image

In closing, and as previously mentioned-the fountain has had a bit of a spring clean. Isn’t she lovely? Cue Stevie Wonder. Oh and thanks for the read…this was a rather long post. Thanks for hanging in there. Respect.



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