May and Sturgeon to meet



Hello and hi. Another BREXIT post. Woot woot . Oh, believe me, you-I got plenty more BREXIT posts up my American sleeve. You can thank me later. For now, let’s do this. So, this happened…

Theresa May will meet Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland later for the FIRST time since the SNP (Scottish National Party) announced their proposals for a second independence referendum, according to the BBC.  May and Sturgeon are both formidable politicians. At least everyone can agree on that-but Sturgeon wants another referendum-in brief, she wants Scotland to be independent. What the what? Scotland to leave and break up our happy family? No. Just, no. Scotland needs to remain within the UK.  Nicola Sturgeon and her people/SNP want Scotland to vote on this issue and subsequently leave the UK.

Dear people of Scotland: we are stronger together. There is no point in leaving-and besides you had a referendum on this issue not too long ago-you don’t get to vote again on the same issue. No. No, you do not. Remember now Scotland…you answer to Westminster. Don’t get mad now, you know what I am saying is true and the truth hurts. Just stay, already. Please and thanks

As mentioned earlier, May and Sturgeon will meet for the first time since the SNP announced their proposals for a second referendum. That should be a fun meeting between those two. No doubt there will be terse, yet, polite exchange of diplomatic words. Afterwards, there will probably be a light lunch and some mildly alcoholic beverages, Scottish whiskey even, but the meeting between May and Sturgeon will not include a joint mani-pedi (manicure and pedicure session) because these 2 women can’t hardly stand each other-especially now that Sturgeon wants a 2nd referendum and May is all: ‘Hell to the no, Sturgy!’ I don’t think our PM speaks in this way, but I can assure you the sentiment is the same. Yup.

You see, on Wednesday, our PM will trigger Article 50 (finally) and she has stated that she wants to “build a more united nation” and if Scotland goes rogue/leaves the UK, that will kind of upset the Brexit apple cart. Theresa May has said that “now is not the time” for a Scottish independence referendum, as the Brexit process is about to commence. So, Sturgeon needs to calm it down a bit because Scotland is not going anywhere before or after Brexit. I think you know this, Nicola Sturgeon-please tell me you do.

Image result for images of nicola sturgeon and theresa may                                                                                                                                                    Image: Daily Mail


The PM has travelled to Scotland the day before the Scottish Parliament is expected to pass a vote in favour of seeking a new Scottish independence referendum (which Sturgeon wants to hold in Autumn 2018 or Spring 2019). Sturgeon has said that a second referendum should be held ahead of the UK’s EU departure to give the people of Scotland a choice between what she calls a ‘hard Brexit’ and becoming an independent country. Erm…nope. That is simply not going to happen-how dare Sturgeon try to mess up this Brexit process?!I mean, just look how long it has taken us to get to this point. For real. But May has warned that a second referendum will make the UK “looser and weaker.”

In addition, according to Downing Street, the upcoming talks between May and Sturgeon are for issues surrounding the triggering of Article 50 and NOT for the possibility of a second independence referendum. Sheesh-I hope Sturgeon knows this. I mean, even I know this. Yup. But some Scottish government sources have said the talks cannot just focus on Brexit. Uggh… Yes.they. can. Those unnamed Scottish government sources need to behave and stop saying untrue and misleading things. Honestly.

In closing, like I said-our May, and Scotland’s Sturgeon are due to meet and have a nice chat about Brexit along with a nice cup of Assam tea followed by some Scottish whiskey. Whether or not they will touch upon the proposed upcoming referendum in Scotland-who really knows? But watch this space for updates. That is all.






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