BREXIT Timeline (you are welcome)

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Hello and hi. Well now, look what I have…I have a BREXIT timeline for you. How great is that? Pretty great I think. Our Theresa May has kindly informed the European Council that she will trigger Article 50 on Wednesday 29 March.  It is finally happening. Woot woot! We are Brexit-ing…0f course it will be a long and protracted affair and will last 2 years (possibly more). But at least now, we have a date. Please read that sentence again.

May I also remind you, dear reader, that: ‘Brexit means Brexit’…Yes. Yes, it does. Brexit does not mean: ‘fish and chips’ or ‘egg and chips’ or ‘yellow and blue make green.’ It simply means that Brexit means Brexit. Like we didn’t already know that. Honestly.  Anyway, that being said…here is the timeline of what is going to happen now. You are welcome. Ok, lets do this. Let us get on with the getting on…

Timeline of BREXIT.

(Potentially. Hopefully. Please God, make this be true and accurate….)

  • 29 March, 2017 – UK triggers Article 50
  • April – European Council president Donald Tusk expected to call an EU summit of the 27 leaders (without the UK) to agree to give the European Commission a mandate to negotiate with the UK
  • After the EU 27 summit – European Commission to publish negotiating guidelines based on the mandate the EU leaders give it. The EU might say something about possible parallel negotiation on a future EU-UK trade deal
  • April/May 2017 – Negotiations begin
  • 23 April and 7 May – French Presidential elections
  • 24 September – German parliamentary elections
  • Autumn 2017 – The UK government is expected to introduce legislation to leave the EU and put all existing EU laws into British law – the Great Repeal bill
  • October 2018 – Negotiations conclude (The Article 50 negotiations could be extended, but this is subject to the approval of the other 27 EU member states)
  • Between October 2018 and March 2019 – The Houses of Parliament, European Council and European Parliament vote on any deal
  • March 2019 – UK formally withdraws from the European Union

(source: BBC News)

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