The BEST swear word in the UK is…

Image result for image of a british person swearing                                                                                                                                   Image: The Mirror

Hello and hi. Oh believe me, you-I got plenty to say about BREXIT but I will have to get to that later. For now, today, at this moment I want to talk about swearing in the UK. We all know (at least I hope you do) that our Adele has a ‘potty mouth’. Yes. Yes, she does. And that is one of the many reasons why we love that London girl so much. Adele swears like a sailor-she sure does. But, I digress.

According to a recent analysis of 500K online product reviews-it was found that the curse word used more frequently than ANY OTHER when giving negative feedback was…wait for it…you ready? Ok, ok…the most used curse word in the UK  was: ‘shite.’ Yup. Apparently, Britons (and a certain American blogger) just love to use swear words-and will use said words when describing something they don’t like. Yup. So, here in the UK we say ‘shite’ an awful lot. Like all the bloody time.

As reported in The Times, the word ‘shite’ is unique to the British isles and according to Professor Simon Horobin, of the English language and literature department at Magdalen College, Oxford-he had an interesting theory on this word. Horobin said, “The word is regional in origin but it is found earliest in Irish and Scottish use. The earliest uses…date from the 18th century when it was used descriptively-‘to take a shite’ or, ‘his shite stinks’ etc. but by the early 20th century it was used to describe something worthless or an unpleasant person. Its origin probably lies in an alternative pronunciation of the word sh*t with a long vowel.” Wow…Horobin is a Professor at Oxford, so he must know his sh*t. Horobin also added that the earliest example in literature of ‘shite’ as an exclamation and the phrase ‘don’t give a shite’ was seen in Ulysses, by James Joyce, in 1922.

That is all very interesting but what I really need to know is that you, dear reader, swear too. Please tell me you do…or we simply can’t be friends. I swear often if not frequently. But I rarely swear in front of my parents. Some of my friends do…and that’s ok for them. Me, not so much as I want to continue to live-so I don’t swear in front of my parents. For real.

The curse word most often used by Americans was “sucks” while Australians prefer the curse word “boob.” Hey, we are all different. In other places around the world, common curse words were:

  • Finland-Paska=(sh*t)
  • France-Merde=(shi*t)
  • Swedish-Skit=(crap)
  • Italy-Schifo=(disgusting)

Haha, I am definitely seeing a common theme here with the aforementioned swear words. So, there you go-a post about the most popular swear word in the UK (and other parts of Europe). Not your average read, but then again, I am not your average blogger. No. No, I am not. That is all.





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