Who is Nicola Sturgeon?

Hello and hi. Oh Nicola…how could you? Nicola Sturgeon has lost the plot. Or rather, she has lost her mind. Yes. Yes, she has. Who does she think she is? Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon announced that she would seek a second independence referendum. In brief, the people of Scotland will vote (again) whether or not they want to leave the UK. Don’t leave Scotland…stay. We belong together. We are stronger together. Yes.

In addition, Scotland needs to request (yes, request) the right to hold the referendum…and the UK government needs to agree. This should be fun. Not. Like I said: Oh, Nicola, how could you?

I can tell you this…Theresa May was NOT impressed with Sturgeon’s announcement. Will blog on this topic later, but now- get to know Nicola Sturgeon here…

Life in London

Salutations. I hope you know who Nicola Sturgeon is-or else we can’t be friends. I kid. But if you don’t know who she is, well I am happy to shed some light on this bonnie lass/girl. After all, knowledge is power. You are welcome.

Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon was born on 19 July 1970.  She is a Scottish politician and is the 5th and current FIRST MINISTER of SCOTLAND and she is leader of the SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY, Sturgeon has been in office since 2014. She is the first woman to hold either aforementioned positions. Right On. Mad respect for her and what she has accomplished. Sturgeon is a law graduate from the University of Glasgow and has worked as a solicitor. And if you know me at all, I have got massive love for solicitors and barristers.  But Scots Law (Scottish Law) is different from English Law and I am…

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