British Culture 101

Life in London

Hello and hi. FYI: this post is L-O-N-G. You may want to read this if you have both the time and inclination to do so,  as well as make yourself a nice cup of tea to drink, while you read this. And please use freshly boiled spring water and not water from the Thames. Ok, let’s do this.

You just gotta love British Culture. Am I right? I mean, if you don’t…well then, we can’t be friends. The other day we celebrated the 4th of July back home in the U S of A. Truth be told, there was not much fanfare here in the UK about that particular holiday. Why is that? Sheesh. Mind you, I did fly my American flag that day in my garden. And I largely ignored the strange looks I received, as I stepped onto the Underground, draped in the American Flag, along with my…

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