Bran Van 3000 (BV3)/Drinking in L.A

Hello and hi. Happy Saturday. I heart this song. If you don’t like it-just know that we still cool. For me, it is the perfect Saturday song. It resonates with me deeply, as I too asked myself this same question while living in Los Angeles-at the age of 26. ‘What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26?’  But that was a long time ago, when I lived in the city of Angels doing important stuff and I was ‘feeling kind of groovy, working on a movie’ while  being kissed by the sun 365 days a year as a canopy of smog hung dangerously low and heavy over the city of Los Angeles. But… That was then, This is now (novel by SE Hinton). Now, I live in London Town. Yes.

Bran Van 3000/BV3 is a Canadian alternative rock and hip hop collective from Montreal, Quebec. The name of the group is derived etymologically from Swedish liquor: Brannvin, which is a style of sprit- best described as a low-grade vodka. So, I have been told. I can’t confirm or deny that. Truth.

Image result for image of brannvin


Image result for image of brannvin


Hope you like the video (it is kind of weird though).



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