Dentists in the UK

Hello and hi. I thought I might reblog this post because…dentists and periodontists are people too. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to lie down in a darkened room as I fan myself with an ostrich fan and feed myself seedless grapes. Yup.


Life in London

Image result for image of austin powers with bad teeth

Dentists in the UK. I have known a few. Yes, yes, I have. Never mind what the international man of mystery, Austin Powers looks like…this is a gross characterisation that alludes to the fact- or rather, assumes that British people have bad teeth.  They have wonderful teeth.

I was lucky enough to have a healthy relationship with my dentist back home in the US whom I saw every 6 months.  I always left with a toy and a new toothbrush so I was a pretty happy camper.  My Mother played her part giving me and my brother sugar-free candy growing up (she insisted she loved us).  Now I am an adult grown woman living in the UK (woot woot!) and I try not to eat too much Cadbury’s chocolate or Lindt chocolate balls or Quality Street chocolate or Mars bars or Bounty Bars (chocolate covered coconut yummy goodness) but I do.  Every week.  In fact I…

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