A Scottish pair doing yoga in kilts…yes, really. (SWOON)

Finlay Wilson, left, and Tristan Cameron-Harper at The Hermitage near Dunkeld


Hello and hi. We live in uncertain times. Yes, yes we do. 45 has lost the plot. 45? Oh please know that me and my fellow Americans-do not call Donald Trump by his birth name. We also do not say: ‘President Trump.’ We just call him ’45.’ He is the 45th President. Gasp. We do not say his name. It would be like invoking the devil. Truth. The point I am trying to make is that we here on EARTH are having a hell of a time with pretty much everything-including 45. So, the point IS…the point is…just watch this video-I have provided the link below. You can thank  me later. I think you will. In fact, I am certain of it.

The video features Finlay Wilson-a Dundee-based forest yoga instructor (please read that sentence again) and his mate, Tristan Cameron-Harper, who is a former professional ice hockey player.  The video shows these lovely looking chaps doing yoga…in kilts. Yoga in kilts. Watch the video. Please and thanks. That is all.








  1. quiall · February 26

    Wonder no more! Oh Yum!!! and thank you.

    • samdfb1 · February 26

      hahahah.Welcome! I have watched it like 87 times already. Yup. 😉

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