The Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee (65)

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Hello and hi. This week, Queen Elizabeth, became the first British monarch to reach their Sapphire Jubilee. Woot Woot. Shout out to the Queen. Respect. On 6 February , The Queen celebrated 65 years on the throne-hence the ‘Sapphire’ anniversary. She spent the day privately with family on her Sandringham Estate, Norfolk-and there were no official engagements for the day. Royal salutes were staged for Accession Day and were marked by a 41 gun salute (as tradition dictates) by the King’s Troop Royal Artillery, in Green Park. In addition, the Band of the Royal Artillery dropped some dope beats (read: played rather lovely celebratory music) as 89 horses pulled 6 WWI era 13 pounder field guns into Green Park and fired away as they saluted their mighty Monarch. In addition, there was a 62 gun salute by the Honourable Artillery Company which was fired at the Tower of London at 1pm on Accession Day/February 6.

Further, The Royal Mint will be marking the 65th anniversary with a range of specially designed Sapphire Jubilee commemorative coins, as the Royal Mail issued a sapphire blue £5 stamp. A stamp that costs £5 does not actually surprise me-stamps are expensive here but at least you get the option to send something first or second class (with second class stamps being considerably cheaper but letters take longer to arrive at their intended destination).

Royal Mail's Sapphire Blue £5 stamp

In addition, a portrait of the Queen, by David Bailey, has been reissued. It shows the Queen wearing a sapphire necklace set, given to her by King George VI (her father), as a wedding present. Wow. She kept it all that time. I bought some earrings last week and I have already lost them, as the backing fell out, but I digress…

David Bailey's portrait of the Queen

Our Prime Minister, Theresa May (now largely tired of speaking about Brexit) offered the Queen a hearty and heartfelt congratulations and said that the Queen was an “inspiration to all of us” May also added, ” Today’s Sapphire Jubilee marks yet another remarkable milestone for our remarkable Queen…I know the nation will join with me today in celebrating and giving thanks for a lifetime of service Her Majesty the Queen has given to  our country and the Commonwealth.” Indeed. And of course, it is only fitting to end with the British National Anthem. Here ya go. You are welcome.








  1. waternymph88 · February 12

    Excellent post. Love the Sapphire set ❤

    • samdfb1 · February 14

      Thanks! And thanks for the gentle nudge to draft/write this post.

      And, me. But diamonds are a girls best friend. Allegedly. 😉 xxx

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