Some thoughts on Ed Sheeran (and a video too)

Hello and hi. Ed Sheen is pretty fab. But really now, he is not exactly going to win any beauty contests. Yikes. How mean was that? Very. But I did not mean it. That being said, despite his ok looks, he seems like a nice guy and one who does not take himself too seriously. In short, he seems like a regular guy. His videos are funny, wacky, poignant and beautifully sad. I guess you can tell I am a big fan. Yes. Yes, I am. Here is his new video for ‘Shape of You.’ I really dig this song with its rhythmic beat(s) and its painfully perfectly honest, lyrics. Also, the video is pretty fab. I hope you like it as much as I do. Yes. Yes, I do. Here you go. Welcome, mate!





  1. quiall · February 12

    I enjoyed that! Especially the few seconds at the very end. He has a sense of humor.

    • samdfb1 · February 12

      So glad you liked it! I enjoyed it too. He has a terrific sense of humour. 😉

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