Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall…in tweed

Hello and hi. This week we learned that our William and Harry will be commissioning a memorial statute to their late Mum, Princess Diana. It will be erected outside of Kensington Palace and the new statute will mark the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s tragic death. Well done William and Harry for keeping your Mum’s memory alive. Not that there is a chance that we would ever forget her-but well done you, chaps for remembering her and making sure we remember her too.  I suppose while all this was going on, their stepmother, Camilla, was keeping a pretty low profile. She of course, knew Princess Diana well. Man, those two had an interesting relationship to say the least. But that is all water under the bridge now.

Image result for image of diana and camilla                                                                                                             Image: The Daily Mail


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Image result for image of diana and camilla


So fast forward to today and Camilla got her man in the finish, went and married him. The British public have warmed up to Camilla (including me) and we are now largely resigned to the fact that while she is no Diana (nor will she ever be)-she and Prince Charles seem happy together and apparently, William and Harry get on quite well with her. Which is good for everybody (including me).

So anyway, Camilla was out and about in the city of Bath, today. Slowclap.  And of course, she wore her favourite tweed coat. I love tweed. Yes, yes, I do. I’ve got some tweed blazers that are pretty dope (read: fashionable). And guess who loves tweed too? Camilla, that’s who. You see, me and Camilla are not so different. Actually we are-but we both like tweed and that is where our similarities end.

So, our Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, 69, paid a visit to St. John’s almshouses on Tuesday. The Duchess is a royal patron of the charity and will open its new residence. She also spent time chatting to the staff and residents during her visit. On her visit, our Camilla wore her favourite tweed coat dress (worn over a ruffled silk shirt and suede boots). It is interesting (or not) to note that Camilla has worn this outfit loads of times before on a number of occasions, including the races at Sandown and Cheltenham. So, she wears her clothes more than once? Welcome to the real world, Camilla.  Yeah girl, we all do it as well.

Camilla, 69, cut a glamorous figure in one of her favourite tweed coat dresses worn over a ruffled silk shirt and suede boots as she visited St. John's Hospital's almshouses on Tuesday                                                                                                                                 Image: The Daily Mail

In addition to dropping in on the almshouses, Camilla will open the newly refurbished Rosenberg House in Chapel Row. In addition, she will meet local organisations supported by St Johns as well as community groups who use the facilities. Later, she will attend a reception for residents and supporters. Wow. Being a Royal must terribly exhausting. I could never do it-imagine, having to be all nicey-nicey all the time. Rarely, do you see Royals in bad moods or being snarky or sarcastic. I mean, a world without snark and sarcasm is no kind of world to live in. Indeed it is not.

Anyway, here are some pics of Camilla being royal-like, while in her fab tweed coat.

The Duchess chats to CEO Sue Porto, second left, and residents of the charity's almshouses on what turned out to be a cold and wet morning in Bath

Busy day: As well as dropping in on the almshouses, Camilla will officially open the newly refurbished Rosenberg House in Chapel Row on Tuesday

Chief Executive of St Johns Foundation, Sue Porto, speaking ahead of Camilla’s visit, said: ‘The refurbishment of Rosenberg House reaffirms our charitable commitment to helping people to enjoy an excellent quality of life by supporting them to live as independently as possible.” The Grade II listed building (first built in 1974) is made up of 15 apartments and is hoem to 17 of St John’s 100 almshouse residents.

That is all.













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