Brexit Bill Debate in Parliament (happy happy joy joy)

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Hello and hi. I was not going to blog today, as I blogged plenty yesterday. I sure did. But today, I could not NOT blog. For you see, today is a special day in the UK  (oh and tomorrow, too). It sure is. So, this is what is going down.

MP’s (Member of Parliament) today are to commence two days of debate over the government’s parliamentary bill to get the formal process of Brexit under way. Happy happy joy joy.  Said in another way: British lawmakers will debate the Parliamentary bill that will give the Prime Minister the ‘go ahead’ to withdraw from the EU. MP’s will be given until midnight to discuss the legislation which would allow our Prime Minister, Theresa May, to invoke Article 50 of the EU Treaty-and thus start the 2 year negotiations that will be necessary, in order to leave the EU.

Further, the UK was forced to bring the legislation to Parliament after The Supreme Court ruled that the government could not trigger Article 50 without permission from lawmakers. MP’s will vote on the EU (Notification on withdrawal) Bill on Wednesday.

Opposition leader (Labour) Jeremy Corbyn has ordered his MP’s NOT  to delay the process by voting against the government on Article 50 (22 MP’s are expected to defy him) and support a “wrecking amendment.” Yes, we too here in the UK have MP’s who defy their leaders. Shout out (woot woot!) to Sally Yates for ‘defying’ Donald Trump. I see you Donald and your craziness and the rest of the world sees it too. But, I digress.

In closing, MP’s will discuss the European Union Bill today up to midnight and tomorrow, Wednesday 1 February a vote will take place on this very important issue. MP’s want to get the bill passed in time to trigger Brexit by 31 March. Like I said, happy happy joy joy!







  1. waternymph88 · January 31

    Thanks for the Brexit update. Your political posts are some of your best ones I think xxx

    • samdfb1 · January 31

      Welcome! Ahh thanks…day made! Xxx

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