Trump State Visit to the UK: UPDATE

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Hello and hi. It is official. Kim Jong-un is no longer the craziest leader of modern times. That coveted spot has now been taken by our ‘President’ Donald Trump. Trump’s travel ban and crackdown on US immigration only confirmed what we already knew-that Trump is crazier than a box of frogs. Yup.

Here is an update:

  • A petition to stop Trump’s state visit has gathered more than 900K signatures since Saturday. (Only 10K signatures are needed for Parliament to consider debating a petition).
  • The visit was announced during the PM’s trip to the US-although no date has been set (but it is expected to take place later this year).
  • Buckingham Palace has declined to comment on the row.
  • A Downing Street source told the BBC: “America is a hugely important ally”
  • Shadow Attorney-General Shami Chakrabati said that the government’s position “sound like appeasement.” Boom.

The Petition

The petition was started by solicitor, Graham Guest of Leeds. He started the online petition for one reason and one reason only, he simply did not want the Queen to shake Donald Trump’s hand. In only a few hours, the petition had gained over 300K signatures.  Guest simply did not want the Queen to meet with Trump and have Trump embarrass the 90 year old monarch-given his track record of “misogyny and vulgarity.”

The petition initially had just 40 signatures in its first eight weeks and has quickly risen to over 300K on Sunday. It came as a big surprise to Guest, as he explained that the petition originally had nothing to do with Trump’s immigration policy. You see, Guest, was only trying to protect the Queen. Bless.

Guest admitted that Trump’s announcement on Friday, regarding strict travel restrictions on people from 7 majority-Muslim countries “changes things slightly” and added that “Its added a new dimension to things and until the ban is lifted I don’t think he should come to the country at all in any capacity.” Yes. Indeed. I do believe that Guest now has a spokesperson or communications director. Such a beautifully crafted statement does not often come out of Leeds. (Ouch Leeds: you want some ice for that burn?) But Guest insists that his primary concern is still the “poor old Queen.”

Guest also added, “I mean, if he’s photographed stood next to the Queen it makes him look like a statesman, which of course he’s not.” Guest concluded by saying that there was not a specific thing that Trump had done that spurred hi to start the petition, it was just the President’s general demeanour.

Image result for image of the queen and trump


In closing, once a petition gets over 10K signatures-the Government is required to provide and official response. Petitions that reach over 100K signatures must be considered for a debate in Parliament. At present, there are approximately 900K signatures. That is all.















  1. Meg Sorick · January 30

    Wow! Good for Britain! Wouldn’t that be something? *Steeples fingers and laughs wickedly*

    • samdfb1 · January 30

      It would be quite something, Meg! Oh gosh…that ‘steeple finger laugh wickedly’ comment made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

      • Meg Sorick · January 30

        It would only be fitting if he was barred from the USA’s best ally!

      • samdfb1 · January 30

        Preach! 😉

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