Dream job at University of Cambridge

Image result for image of University of Cambridge                                                                                                                        Image: Huffington Post UK

Hello and hi. Thought I would give you guys a break re the Brexit post. You can thank me later. Please and thanks. Now for some important news…so this happened…

University of Cambridge is hiring a Lego professor. Yay and yay!  Well done, Cambridge for recognising what is not only important in life but what is a well and truly good module to have for your non-plebs. BTW, a ‘pleb’ is an ordinary person-especially one from the lower classes. A while back an MP called a police officer/security guard a pleb and England practically went mad-everyone was totally outraged. How dare that MP call someone a pleb?! But I digress.

The University of Cambridge is looking for a Professor of Lego. Like, wow. The Lego Foundation is giving £2.5m to fund the position. In addition, it has also provided £1.5m to support a play research centre in the Uni’s educational faculty, according to the BBC. The aims of the University regarding this role, is to produce research enabling children to be equipped with skills like problem solving, team work and self-control. Interesting. I do believe that playing Monopoly might suffice as well, but yay for Cambridge for recognising the importance of Lego. Respect.

Image result for image of lego                                                                                                Image: Mental Floss


The role itself, Professor of Lego-will involve studying the importance of play and playfulness in education globally, according to the BBC. Further, the successful candidate will be paid approximately £84K. Hot damn. Actually, 84K is the average salary earned by Cambridge professors. Oh my goodness. *Why was I not made aware of this earlier? Kerching*

Please note that the job is not for everyone, as the job description asks for “outstanding research record of international stature and the vision, leadership, experience and enthusiasm.” My goodness, that is Cambridge-speak for: ‘You better be bloody cerebral in order to apply for this role, old chap.’ In addition, duties will involve teaching, research, examining, supervision and administration. The closing date for the post is 20 January 2017.

Last year, Cambridge advertised for a doctor in chocolate. It was a pretty sweet position, I heard. Yes. Yes, it was.







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