Theresa May’s Tartan Suit

Image result for image of Theresa May in tartan suit

                                                                                                      Image: Hampstead Highgate Express

Hello and hi. Brexit continues to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind (ok, not every one. A few people. Ok, me. Just me). So, yesterday our Theresa gave a pretty decent speech on it and she came across as a pragmatic and cautious PM. Well done, love. Anyway, it did not go unnoticed as to what she was wearing. Of course, if the PM were a bloke (man) nobody would have even cared. This is the type of world we live in. *Sigh* Anyway, so this is what our Prime Minister, Theresa May wore….

Theresa May yesterday at her speech on Brexit, wore a very familiar looking suit. I have seen it before. The entire British public has seen it before. Our PM was wearing a tartan suit. Yes. Yes, she was.  In fact, she considers it her ‘lucky’ suit.  She only ever wears this particular suit when she is trying to convey a serious message. That meant she could not wear her thigh-high booths with that suede mini skirt of hers. I kid. She does not have a suede mini skirt, but she DOES have thigh-high boots. Yes, Theresa. Bring it. Respect.

Image result for image of theresa may in high boots

                                                                                            Image : Daily Mail

Image result for image of theresa may in high boots

                                                                                                                                 Image: The Telegraph

Anyway, there is a time and place for wearing boots like that (like meeting the Queen) and  yesterday was not the time nor the place. Instead, our PM wore sensible shoes along with her lucky tartan suit.  The Black Watch tartan suit was crafted by British designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood.  The PM first wore the £1,090 suit at the 2013 Tory conference and again last June when she announced her interest, in becoming PM prior to the Conservative Party leadership campaign, in an attempt to become PM and rule mightily over the UK. And as you know, she became the PM and some say her lucky suit had something to do with it. Yes. Yes, they do.

Some are saying that yesterday, when she wore the said suit to wax lyrical about Brexit, that it was a secret coded message to the Scots. She was basically saying, ‘see, I like you. I really do. I am even wearing a tartan suit. Now then, stop acting silly and behave yourself-let there be no talk of you leaving the union.’ I don’t know…did she really wear the tartan suit for that reason? Maybe she just likes the suit. Anyway, here are some pictures of her and others wearing the Black Watch tartan suit.

Image result for image of Theresa May in tartan suit

                                                                                                                               Image: Daily Express

Image result for image of Theresa May in tartan suit                                                                                                           Image: The Sun

British model, Cara Delevingne

Image result for image of Theresa May in tartan suit

I suppose it is an ok looking suit. It is not for me though. No. No, it is not. That is all.







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