Theresa May, ‘The Brexiteer’

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Hello and Hi. It has been quite some time since I have written a post on Brexit. Erm…I actually wrote about Brexit yesterday. But it seems like a 100 days ago. I do realise I am being a tad bit melodramatic. Yes. Yes, I am. Ok, let’s do this…here is the latest:

Quick recap

First things first. Brexit. It happened. The nation is still in shock but secretly pleased that we are no longer be shackled to the EU with their silly directives and regulations. So, the people voted back in June. They either voted to REMAIN in the EU or LEAVE the EU. Simple. And the people voted. And the people were shocked with the outcome, and some even wanted a 2nd referendum as some did not even vote and those that did vote, wanted to recast their vote. Oh my goodness. Jesus wept. But it was not to be…there was no 2nd referendum, thank goodness.

When the Brexit results became known, our then Prime Minister-David Cameron, stood down. He was all: ‘tally ho chaps.’ You see, he couldn’t possibly stay on as PM. Very strange that David Cameron even called the referendum-nobody even cared about this issue, nor even asked for one.  According to Michael Portillo (former MP, Deputy Conservative Party leader and Cabinet Member) “Cameron got spooked by UKIP” a bold statement and some truth to it, I believe. So, Cameron stepped down-as his and the government line was to: REMAIN-and stay within the EU. But the Country voted LEAVE-and Cameron couldn’t very well continue on and besides, the man has a wife and children and he really and secretly wanted to be a ‘stay at home Dad.’ Ok, I made that up. So, Cameron left and Theresa May became our new Prime Minister. It happened so quickly. I don’t even remember voting for her. Oh wait, she was not elected by the people but rather, by her party. Yikes.

Pictured below is Michael Portillo (he is really lovely, BTW…have met him. Yes, yes I have)

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Ok, final thing, Theresa May was no lightweight, after all, she was Home Secretary. She was a tough, formidable woman. One MP described her as ‘a bloody difficult woman’ which she actually took as a compliment. Respect.  Plus, Theresa May had a fondness for shoes, especially kitten heels. Please know that while this is not important nor even relevant….I am trying to keep this post on Brexit interesting. So in brief, our former Home Secretary, kitten-heel wearing Theresa May became the new PM and she too was in the REMAIN camp. So now as PM, she became known as the ‘reluctant remain-er’ who was now a bold and bodacious brexiteer (a brexiteer is somone in favour of Great Britain withdrawing from European Union).

A little later on, our Theresa May uttered those sage words which left everyone more confused as ever when she said: ‘Brexit means Brexit.’ Oh good, because I thought Brexit meant: ‘cupachin monkey’. Remember Ross had one in Friends?  But our May  was merely reassuring us that she was going to get on with the job of getting the UK out of the EU…and all the while, provide very little detail to the UK public as to how she was going to actually accomplish this. Then other stuff happened-Gina Miller, Scotland, the UK Supreme Court. Read my blog posts on Brexit to find out. Do it. You should totally do it.

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Fast fwd to 17 January 2017/TODAY

After much delay, our PM, Theresa May gave a long awaited speech on Brexit. I mean, schools were closed, people called in sick and there was no milk or bread on the shelves. I am totally kidding. In May’s speech on Brexit today, she indicated that the UK “cannot possibly” remain within the European single market as remaining/staying would bean “not leaving the EU at all.” In addition, she promised to push for the “freest possible trade ” with European countries and to sign new deals. It sounds nice. Will it happen? No doubt France and Germany will have something to say about that. Germany, maybe. France, most definitely. The French can be awkward. Yes, I said it. Sorry French readers-please don’t be offended. I am only teasing. Or am I? In addition, May announced that Parliament would get to vote on the final deal agreed between the UK and the EU. So, that’s good. I think. May said plenty more in her speech regarding Brexit negotiations, in fact, she set out 12 objectives or guiding principles as to how the Government was going to accomplish a seamless Brexit. In brief, here are the highlights:

  • Maintain the common travel area between the UK and the Irish Republic
  • Tariff-free trade with the EU
  • New trade agreements with countries outside the EU
  • Continued “practical” sharing of intelligence and policing information
  • “Control” of immigration rights for EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU
  • A “phased approach”  (read: slower than a slug in the dead of winter, going up a hill)

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And while her speech was interesting and shed a little bit of light on Brexit procedures which are not exactly imminent, it was good to know that our PM is working hard for the people of the UK. I think perhaps the most important thing she said, was that it was not her intention to “undermine” the EU or the single market. Massive relief. But she did warn against a ‘punitive’ reaction to Brexit, and said it would bring “calamitous self-harm for the countries of Europe and it would not be the act of a friend.” Yikes. It sounded like a thinly veiled threat. I sure hope whoever it was meant for (the French) were listening.

This was a long post-so, thanks for hanging in there and reading to the end. I will never forget you for this….and I would like to thank the Academy, as well.  That is all.

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