How to decode British English

Life in London

While in Britain, no doubt you will encounter British people.  While in London, you will no doubt encounter some Londoners.  Wherever you find yourself while in the British Isles, you will be communicating with people from this small, yet, mighty island we like to call: The United Kingdom.  Oh, you thought there would not be a language barrier seeing that you already speak English?  Please know that means nothing.  Luckily, I am here to help you decode a few British English phrases.  You are welcome.  Sheesh, I wish someone had done this for me. Ok, let’s do this.

1. ‘With the greatest respect’

If a British person says this to you-it actually means: you are an idiot.

2.  ‘Quite good’

Nope. This is not the true meaning. What it REALLY means is: ‘mediocre, bordering on disappointing’

3. ‘Very admirable of you’

Hah! If someone says this to you it means: ‘You…

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  1. Doctor Jonathan · January 14

    Cultural interpretation can be amusing and insulting at the same time. Gives us all a chance to laugh at ourselves!

  2. Joyce Belfort · January 16

    I never thought about this before 😂 so true. Very different from American English indeed. Tons of innuendo traps in UK.

    • samdfb1 · January 16

      Yes indeed. Will be posting part 2 later this week. Its gonna be ha-larious. 😉

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