Builder’s Tea

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Hello and hi. When you come to the UK (and I hope you do) you might hear tea being referred to as ‘builder’s tea.’ ‘Builder’s tea’ is a colloquial term for a strong cup of tea. So strong that the spoon should be able to stand up. Yikes. In short, it is really strong tea. A builder’s tea is typically brewed in a mug with a teabag (as opposed to loose tealeaves in a teapot), in addition one must add full-fat milk along with 2 teaspoons of sugar. Got that? Personally, I prefer loose tea-I prefer the taste. But if I am short on time, I will just use a teabag. Gasp. Further, builder’s tea takes its name from the inexpensive tea commonly drunk by labourers taking a break.

Characteristics and brand

Builder’s tea is normally a robust tea and a rich brown colour. The leaves are often brewed for longer than usual, I am told. So in terms of brands of so-called builder’s tea these are the brands:

  • PG Tips
  • Red Label
  • Tetley
  • Yorkshire Tea (this is SUPER strong. KEEP AWAY)
  • There are probably other brands of course, but I have only listed a few here


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So, that’s it-builder’s tea is just strong tea. Oh and if you have builders or labourers coming to your house (electrician, gas man, etc) you are expected to make them a cup of tea. Erm…say, what now? So, I have to fork out money to pay the guy and give him a cup of tea? Why yes, yes, you do. After all, it is the polite- as well as expected. I normally think to myself as I am preparing a cup of tea for a builder: ‘Erm…if this tea is TOO good, you may take longer to drink it and not get on with the job. Further, does this look like a tea shop, mate?’  But more often than not, the builder is pretty appreciative of my efforts and I watch him closely to see if I have passed the tea-making test. I usually do. Thank goodness!

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Oh and one last thing, one does not simply have a cup of tea. A biscuit or cookie or even a piece of cake is required alongside a cup of tea. It is the law. Yes, yes it is.








  1. waternymph88 · January 13

    Drinking it now: PG Tips with milk but no sugar…xxx

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