Waxing Lyrical About Wales (Women Priests)

The first women to be ordained as priests at St Asaph cathedral

Image: BBC/Diocese of St Asaph

Hello and hi. If you read my blog, you probably know that I heart Wales in a big way. I simply adore the place. Truth be told, growing up in America-I did not give much thought to Wales. I barely even knew where it was-although I knew it was near England. You see, as an American, geography was not exactly my thing. I mean, I could point to America, Canada and Mexico on map…Wales-not so much. *Hangs head in shame. Wrings hands. Looks at feet and audibly clears throat.* But that was a long time ago…I am older and wiser now and more importantly, not only do I now know where Wales is….I have been there many, many times and like I said…I heart Wales in a big way. Yes, yes I do. For those of you who do not know where Wales is located, allow me to educate you. You are welcome.


Image result for image of wales in Great Britain


Further, the United Kingdom is made up of: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I thought you ought to know this. Not knowing this- seriously determines if we are to be friends or not. Anyway, lecture now over-allow me to wax lyrical about Wales (women priests). Ok, let’s do this.

As reported on the BBC, services of celebration are being held at Wales’ 6 Anglican cathedrals over the weekend to mark 20 years since the Church in Wales first ordained women priests. Please read that sentence again. Did you read the part about ‘women priests?’ Lordy! How fab. Come on now Catholic Church…what are you waiting for?

So-yay for that-20 years of ordained women priests in the Church of Wales. Oh and this celebration comes a few weeks before the church marks yet ANOTHER milestone-with the consecration of its first woman bishop. Respect.

11 January 1997

On 11 January 1997, 61 women became priests at services across Wales. According to the BBC, it was a campaign that had lasted over a century-since the FIRST woman was made an Anglican deaconess in Usk, Monmouthshire, in 1884.

Bishop of St Asaph Gregory Cameron in reference to women in the church commented “Today it’s impossible for me to think of a church in which we don’t celebrate and welcome the equal ministry of women.” Indeed. And later added, “We really can give thanks for the huge step forward that the Church in Wales took in 1997. We’ve been greatly enriched by the dedication, service and insight of so many women over this period. May God continue this blessing. ”

As part of the celebrations-the church has commissioned a special logo which contains the names of all the women priests first ordained 20 years ago. How great is that? Pretty great, if you ask me.  Here is the logo:

Names of all those ordained on 11 January 1997


The Welsh Anglican Church

Of course, the road to ordination for women in the Welsh Anglican church was a long and winding road (cue the Beatles) and further, the publication of ‘Crossing Thresholds’ recounted in examining the role of women in the church in Wales over the past 130 years. In its foreward, Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan said: “The whole notion of women not being allowed to be ordained in any capacity seems as old-fashioned and fuddy-duddy as carrying wives over thresholds and tying them to the kitchen sink.” Yes. Preach on Archbishop. Also, I would like to point out that the Archbishop said: ‘fuddy-duddy’ you see-he is no different from you or me.  I just have this idea in my head that the Archbishop would speak by using big, important words-words that I would need to look up-but, no. The man said: ‘fuddy-duddy.’ Respect. But, I digress (as per usual).

Anyway, the crux of this post is that services of celebration are being held at Wales’ 6 Anglican cathedrals to mark 20 years since the Church in Wales first ordained women priests. Thank God for that.  That is all.

Services are being held at:

  • St Asaph-the Bishop of Gloucester, Rachel Treweek
  • Bangor-preacher, Enid Morgan
  • Breacon-preacher, Canon Carol Wardman
  • Llandaff, Cardiff-preacher, Canon Jenny Wigley
  • Newport-Bishop Dominic Walker
  • St David’s-Canon Joanna Penberthy

         Source: BBC News











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